Indian jewellery makes it big globally

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Gitanjali Gems had acquired Italian jewellery chain Giantti Italia for $ 15 million. This acquisition was in line with Indian companies taking the lead in the global playing field and owning up operations. This is a downright about turn from the time when Indian expertise was limited to business process operations. Now, Gitanjali is the owner of the domain knowledge for creating novel designs and jewellery.

The acquisition of the Italian brand is facilitating the Indian company?s penetration into global markets with a line of new light-weight jewellery.

This is the third acquisition by the Indian jewellery firm after Samuels Jewellers Inc and Rogers, both US firms, the company acquired in 2007. In India, the Gitanjali group owns the D?damas, Nakashatra and Gili brands. The group is currently in talks with a few more companies for acquisition.

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