Indians top as spenders in US

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Indians top as big spenders. Indians ranked twelfth in terms of visitor arrivals and ninth in terms of spending in America. On an average they spent about $4 billion (Rs 18,400 crore) in 2010. They are also ranked as third biggest money-spenders in the Singapore tourist market.

America has been popular among Indian students, business travellers, and families visiting friends and relatives. America is also the favourite of leisure travellers, particularly among Indian tourists. America witnessed 18% growth in the number of Indian visitors to the United States in 2010.

Three factors are observed as the driving force. The US is generally perceived as a value-for-money market. The visa process for travel to America is simpler. The first timers can get a ten year visa if approved by the department. Even first-time travellers prefer America as their aspirational destination in the world.

The ?visiting friends and relatives? (VFR) category travel across the country on their own. They no longer prefer to stay at their relatives place and restrict movements. Most of the travellers are well informed about travelling abroad and the rules they need to follow. So there is no dependence on relatives or friends for their travel within the country. In addition, the travel trade also supports tourism by rolling out great tour packages.

Source: Yahoo finance

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