Indonesia Shining

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As the world economy is changing, Indonesia is looking brighter for investors. The country?s economy is one of the best performing in the region, with more than 6% of growth at a time when countries in the Europe and US are struggling.

Last year, the?country’s stock market saw an increased confidence and a dramatic rise in the stock prices. It is learnt that now foreign investors are carefully looking at Indonesia eager to capitalize on the strong growth in the country.

“We’ve increased foreign direct investment in to Indonesia by 60% in the last year alone,” Gita Wirjawan, a government official said.

“It took Hong Kong more than 30 years to stamp out corruption. It is unrealistic to think that Indonesia can do it in three to six months. We have put hundreds of corrupt people behind bars.”

But that progress may not be good enough to give millions of young Indonesians a chance to better their lives.Though Indonesia is one among the region’s fastest growing economies;it is still struggling to fix problems with corruption and red tape from the past.

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