The Inexplicable Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean in which ships, planes, and people are alleged to have mysteriously vanished.  Photo: NOAA’s National Ocean Service

The mere thought of something being unfathomable in this present day and age, where even reading about the unknown petrifies us. The list of ambiguous stories might start with the very well-known but dreaded Bermuda Triangle.

Alternatively known as ‘The Devil’s Triangle’, it picked up both its names from the earliest of paperwork based on this topic. Those famous pieces , includes a 1964 magazine Argosy‘s article written by Vincent Gaddis which coined the name ‘Bermuda Triangle’ and a book named ‘The Devil’s Triangle’ by Richard Winer in 1974.

This mysterious phenomenon claimed more than 5000 lives which have left  without any trace. They were never to be found ever again,and the reasons for their disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

Many have tried in vain to solve this paranormal puzzle, which covers an area of 400,000 square meters of the Atlantic ocean with its vertices at Puerto Rico, Miami and Bermuda where aircrafts, ships and humans seem to vanish into thin air, without a trace.

This triangle, has captured the imagination of millions over decades, a place where the ocean is unforgiving and hungry,and devours  its visitors without giving them a nick of a second to hold their breath. Many say that, ‘they hold their grudge where their secrets lies’; meaning that, both the phenomena and the lives claimed have been equally mystifying and bewildering.

Separating truth from fiction has always been a difficult task for us humans. There have been many speculations about what really chanced the victims who ceased to exist.

Many assumptions include these stories being themselves counterfeited tales, predicted mystical powers detained in the sea, precipitous and abrupt report of rogue waves and electronic faults and other superstitious narratives by a handful of survivors.

On the other hand there are things which can’t be proved erroneous. Keeping in mind that it’s a place of extreme natural conditions along with the many relics and ruins found at the sea bed with some accidents which defy human explanation capacity blurs the already obscure triangle mystery.

Most of the reported mystery cases have occurred usually in pleasant weather along with experienced captains. To top it all, not one vehicle of all those who have vanished have ever left any emergency indicator or sinking indicator on. Surprising ?

One of the famous disappearances was in the beginning of the 20th century when the USS Cyclops which left no trail, no alarms, no bodies and literally nothing. Recently when there was wreckage found near the very area where Cyclops went missing, everyone thought that it was the remains of Cyclops, but undesirable result struck all. Nevertheless it unlocked another mystery file from where we came to know that the remains were of Umtata, a cargo ship and world war victim which fell for a U-boat. Now an additional problem arose. The Umtata had actually sunk 100 of miles away from where it was lying. This when studied and researched unfolded one of the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

The deadly Gulf Stream is a large gyre which covers the whole of North Atlantic covering the part including the triangle. There is a sharp curve at the Florida Strait, bounded by Florida and Cuba on its either sides. The valley which takes a sharp bend at the strait flow with even more force leading the flow of water at that region to be extremely high. So this plainly solves the mystery behind the ruins which moved miles without any external force and also the reason behind one-third of the missing vessels across the stream.

Gulf Stream in Atlantic Ocean .Image courtesy :
Gulf Stream in Atlantic Ocean .Image courtesy :

But then what about the rest of the mysteries which still remain elusive? What do you think could  be the reason behind those which have left no traces or S.O.S call for help?

One possible explanation could be  the  the rogue waves. Waves which doesn’t have a source but are 10 to 20 times the size of the normal waves which can destroy everything in its way, by drowning  the vessel the very instant. The Marques which set of at 1984 is a good example of a victim to rogue waves, which destroyed it  within a  minute.

But what exactly causes the rogue waves? Waves are generally caused by the movement of wind above the surface of water. So as the wind increases, there is a huge increase in the wave size too. Thus forming the rogue wave.

Illustration of a rogue wave. Image Courtesy :
Illustration of a rogue wave. Image Courtesy :

Though rogue waves can only explain one  part of the mystery of vessels going missing, they can’t possibly do any harm to any of the 200 aircrafts which have disappeared.

The triangle have seized more than 500 lives, as the mystery repeats, without any trace. This riddle struck humans after the 5 US Navy Torpedo Bombers – Flight 19 went missing along with the rescue craft which followed its absence in 1945. Many say that the remains are still underwater and others  say that the bombers lost its navigation and zig-zagged across the ocean and crashed into the swamps of Southern Georgia. But to conclude, the truth remains to be virgin.

So are these the only forces acting on this triangle? Is there an external force that no one knows about? It still remains a mystery. It still baffles the world. The kin who lost their loved ones would tell us at any point of time that the triangle exists. But the scientists always contradict it. There are no answers, only our imaginary perceptions that elude us from the actual truth.

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