Infographic – MENA Mobile Users Behavior and Shopping Trends in Ramadan Revealed

Ramadan Survey MENA
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Infographic reveals mobile MENA mobile users usage and shopping patterns during the holy month of Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan for muslims is a time where observers spend the month focusing on prayer, reflection, and community. This year, Ramadan began on Friday, April 24 and will end on Sunday, May 24. After Ramadan comes to an end, Muslims observe Eid al-Fitr on Monday, May 25. This celebration is marked with lights, decorations, gifts, and celebrations. As people prepare for Ramadan, it’s helpful to see what type of role mobile devices have in this preparation.

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To better understand mobile behavior, AdColony surveyed people throughout the Middle East and North Africa about mobile usage during the Ramadan season.

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Mr. Warrick Billingham, VP of Sales EMEA & LATAM said, “The increase in mobile usage continues to be a growing trend for consumers in the MENA region during Ramadan where time spent online and consumer spending is higher than any other period in the year. Thus, requiring businesses to change their approach during this important period with a stronger mobile advertising strategy.”

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The Ramadan Survey was distributed to residents across the MENA region to get more insights about people’s daily preferences during this time. Respondents’ ages ranged from 18 to 75 and were typically aged 25 to 44.

MENA Mobile Users Behavior Survey Highlights

• More time on smartphones – 62% of respondents say they will spend more time on their smartphones during Ramadan.
• Mobile games are popular in every season – 56% of respondents say they will spend more time playing mobile games during Ramadan.
• Power of an advertisement – More than half of the respondents (60%) have purchased something on their mobile device directly from an advertisement and 77% said they would purchase something on their mobile device directly from an ad if the product was relevant to them.
• Mobile devices don’t prevent them from fasting – 63% of respondents use their mobile devices during the day compared to after iftar (27%) and during suhoor (10%).
• In-app and online shopping on top – 82% of Ramadan shoppers mostly use their smartphones for online shopping and 51% of Ramadan shoppers prefer to buy in-app.
• Clothes and groceries are the most purchased products – Clothes, groceries, and confectionery products are the items most Ramadan shoppers are planning to purchase.

MENA Mobile Users Behavior and Shopping Trends Infographic




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