Information security solutions in great demand as GCC companies focus on protecting information assets

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Alfalak focuses on delivering end-to-end solutions that secure information assets at every layer of the Open Systems Interconnection model

Alfalak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co., a leading provider of technology-based end-to-end solutions in theMiddle East, has reported a significant increase in demand for information security solutions in the GCC, driven by the growing proliferation of communications and internet connectivity technologies in the region’s business landscape. Alfalak further revealed that information security has gained strong interest and attention as businesses increasingly appreciate the importance of information assets, whose value is directly related to how much it is characterized as available, accurate, authentic, confidential, complete and not threatened.

“Rapid advances in digital technology have resulted in the increased proliferation of communications and internet connectivity solutions, a trend that is driving businesses of all types to adopt more advanced information security systems. In this regard, many companies are now seeking to achieve ISO 27001 certification as part of continuing efforts to ensure that critical business data is not compromised in any way. Information has become a vital asset for many businesses, who now fully understand that the value of information can quickly deteriorate if it is not well secured. Alfalak is strongly positioned to cater to the rapid increase in demand for information security solutions, as we offer only the best, highest-quality products that empower companies to easily achieve ISO 27001 certification,” said Ahmed Ashadawi, President and CEO, Alfalak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co. Ltd.

Building on the combined offerings across the divisions of the company, Alfalak provides state-of-the-art, integrated, end-to-end security solutions to secure information assets at every layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, which is a reference model developed by ISO as a conceptual framework of standards for communication in the network across different equipment and applications by different vendors. It is now considered the primary architectural model for inter-computing and internetworking communications.

Alfalak caters to the critical needs of all types and sizes of organizations seeking to achieve compliance with information, network, and Internet security management system, empowering business organizations to secure the ISO 27001 certificate. The company’s solutions address risk assessment and management, security policy and management, physical and environmental security such as alarm monitoring and IP CCTV solutions, communications and operations management, access control, and information security incident management.

Specific areas of concern that are covered by Alfalak’s extensive information security solutions include risks of attacks, threats, vulnerabilities; individual users, accounts, access; back-up media, documents, records; local area networks, servers, applications, IT closets; remote access; e-mail, social media; mobile and portables devices; internet and internet web server; and outsourcing IT services. Alfalak’s complete range of security solutions include Security Appliances, Mail Protection, Security for Physical and Virtual Environments, Mobile Security, Endpoint Security, Firewalls and Web Security, Encryption, User Access Management, Identity Management, Managed File Transfer & Backup, Intrusion Prevention & Detection, Malware Forensics, Signature-less based defenses, Unified Vulnerability Management, and Antivirus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Spyware.

Drawing on 32 years of expertise in the Middle East’s information and communications technology services market, Alfalak has been classified by the government classification of contractors to bid for government projects in the following categories: general contracting, information technology, electronic security systems and telecommunications.

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