Infy?s presence now in New Zealand

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Infosys Technologies has reportedly acquired the software solutions business, Gen-I in New Zealand for NZ$5 million. Gen-I is a part of the Telecom New Zealand Group.

“The partnership is expected to add revenue of NZ$12 million for the current financial year. We expect the deal to close by July 1, 2011,” V Balakrishnan, CFO of Infosys said.

Infosys said in a statement that it has offered positions to more than 110 employees and contractors of Gen-i. These employees will continue to be based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The company has revealed plans of recruiting an additional of 15-30 people.

Patrick Kouwenhoven will be appointed to run New Zealand?s operations under the leadership of Ashok Mysore, Associate VP, Infosys.

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