INSANE Video: Never-seen-before Tyre changing

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Tyre changing will never seem the same anymore, thanks to a bunch of dauntless youngsters giving a new take on the whole tyre replacement activity.

Let’s imagine this situation. While vacationing with a group of friends in a car, on a long and winding road, we suddenly come to experience a tyre puncture. What would we do? Bring the car to a halt; dig into the recess of its trunk to check if anyone amongst us had the foresight to put in a few equipments that would help resolve this problem. Check for a Stepney – the colloquial for a spare tyre – and then, if all of these above are indeed there, debate amongst ourselves, to nominate someone to do the honours of changing the tyre.

Such an occurrence is not a rarity. Tyres do puncture – coincidentally at a time when we don’t want it to – and it does become difficult to manage the whole show, which however harmonious a few moments ago, does go on take a turn for the worse what with tempers flying and impatience lurking.

This video however, takes us on a completely different pathway to the conundrum of replacing tyres. A group of five people present a never-before-seen picture of replacing tyres which, not only allows for some insouciance, but also for some daring considering that the whole tyre replacing paradigm has been done with the vehicle – a 4×4 – in motion.


Five people, the driver still running the vehicle accounts for the sixth, emerge from the 4×4, one after another, two reaching for the rear left-hand side tyre of the 4×4, positioning themselves and the other two positioning themselves at the front left-hand side tyre of the vehicle. The fifth person positions himself behind the two at the rear of the vehicle, seemingly to help anyone, in case they need some assistance.

The 4×4 itself is balanced on its two right-hand side tyres but absolute credit to the driver whose controls on the steering are so impeccable that there is no veering or straying off, jostling the precarious position of the five guys balanced outside.

Slowly but surely, the four guys – covered in scarves that don’t reveal their faces and identities – remove the tyres, display a ‘V’ sign for victory and then as carefully as they removed the tyres, replace it; all of these within three-and-a-half minutes.

And once done, as surefooted as they sprung from the doors of the 4×4, each one of them makes his way into the 4×4 with the driver eventually bringing the two replaced wheels back to terra firma and zooming away…

What the video so interesting, one would ask? Well, the peppy Arabic music playing in the background that adds more fun to the almost five minute video. But mostly, it is the aspect of reducing what’s otherwise regarded to be a very technical and daunting task into one very simple event that can be handled with the least bit of fuss!

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