Instagram’s Caroline Calloway is only the beginning!

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Inspired by the Cambridge student who gathered a huge online following after posting sneak peeks from her university life in the form of Instagram posts, each accompanied by a novel-like caption, Palestinian writer Ziad Khalifeh thought that just like Caroline Calloway, he too would finally publish his intriguing book “The Masks of Delusion” on social media.

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While Calloway, 23, allures her 421K followers with topics from boyfriends and friendships to balancing life at college and dealing with failure; using Facebook as his platform, the 56-year-old intellect is set to bewilder complex minds with the subjects of religion, science, philosophy and world economics.

“The chapters of this book are a mind autobiography, a collection of thoughts, observations and intuitions which occur to you and I” – Ziad Khalifeh

As described by the author – the book is a “Semi-autobiography on contemporary Agnosticism, a Science of the Divine, and Global Equilibrium,” with ‘equilibrium’ being the focal point of the book.

The Book

Infused with information and metaphors throughout, the book is similar to what I describe as a factual-poetic encyclopedia. This thought-provoking publication explores humanity’s state of delusion, and goes deep into the socioeconomic interrelated activities of humans and the implications they’ve had on both nature and man. It effectively finds a solution to the chaos of war and capitalism, the conflict between science and religion, to create an entirely new system to which humans can live a balanced life by, in the form of a global equilibrium, or what Khalifeh refers to as a “globalirium.”

This book is a voice amongst other voices demanding salvation and fair solutions to the accumulating global crises and hazards disturbing the world’s stability and threatening life itself with extinction. A voice among voices coming from scientific, religious and existentialist points of view, with shared moral concerns on how to maintain a balanced global dynamic roadmap, guiding postmodern technologies and emphasizing active social interaction and fair positive intercultural dialogue in the era of globalization…” – Ziad Khalifeh

The Chapters

Made up of six chapters, Khalifeh’s insights into his own life deliver something quite as enthralling as Ian Fleming’s own accounts that inspired his iconic fictional character James Bond, while his intuitions are comparable to those of great thinkers like Baruch Spinoza.

The Author

Born in Damascus to Palestinian parents, Ziad Khalifeh often pondered about consciousness and his existence from a very young age.

Khalifeh’s biggest influencers growing up were philosophers Karl Marx, Hegel, Kant, Spinoza, Friedrich Engels, Zeno of Citium and Ibn Rushd (Averroes); theoretical physicists Heisenberg and Richard Feynman, and Einstein; and spiritual leaders Gandhi, Prophet Muhammad, Confucius and Buddha.

An avid reader by 12, Khalifeh delved into everything there is to know about those iconic figures – each of whose beliefs and findings came together to complete a puzzle in his mind. It was their ethics and philosophy on science that wove together the fabric of his views on the relationship between our ethics, philosophy, consciousness and existence.

Khalifeh currently resides in a quiet neighbourhood in West Amman, Jordan, where he works as a copywriter and legal translator. He has three original board games to his name and enjoys cooking in his free time.

The book is currently being published on Khalifeh’s personal Facebook page in chronological order and on a weekly basis.

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