Interview: Ahmed ElShrif, Director Kronos Middle East

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Despite the technological advance and the availability of software and tools, workforce management is still a challenge in today’s fast changing world.

Workforce Dimensions from Kronos is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to…“manage the workforce of the future – today”.

We had a chance to speak to Ahmed ElShrif, Director at Kronos Middle East to talk on how their solution is not only helping improve the bottom line of the their clients but also contributes to employee happiness – all while leveraging the current technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Analytics. Here are the excerpts:

AG: What problem is Kronos Workforce Dimensions trying to solve?

Ahmed: Kronos’ Workforce Dimensions help organizations control labor costs, reduce compliance risk and increase employee productivity. For specific industries like retail, “Workforce Dimensions” help increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue while in other sectors such as healthcare, it helps to improve patient safety.

AG: What’s the Unique Selling Point (USP) of Kronos Workforce Dimensions?

Ahmed: Workforce Dimensions is built on a new modern cloud platform that supports the latest technologies including AI, Machine Learning and Analytics – which are all based on a user-configurable platform that covers rules & policies, workflow processes, screening and reporting features. This, coupled with Kronos’ 40+ years in Workforce Management, offers customers the best-practices which offer organizations savings of 3-6 percent of their annual payroll cost. Furthermore, this workforce management tool has been proven to produce ROI under 12 months in many industries such as healthcare, retail & hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, energy and government.

AG: Kronos, being a new player in the collaborative space, what factors gives you the confidence to take on the big and established companies such as Google, Microsoft and IBM with similar product offerings?

Ahmed: Kronos workforce management solutions complement the established solutions in the collaborative space making sure employees’ preferences, skills and availability are taken into consideration. This is also reflected in the smaller integration scope between Kronos and leading companies through collaborations with Google and Microsoft.

AG: Is your solution complementary or competition to solutions from established players in the areas of HR solutions, T&A, Payroll, Workforce Management, to name a few?

Ahmed: Kronos Workforce Management solution is complementary to HR/Payroll solutions. Kronos has integrated its platform with over 150 HR/Payroll solutions in 100 countries. In addition, Kronos has certified interfaces to many of the established HR/Payroll solutions such as SuccessFactors, SAP, Oracle, Workday, ADP and NGA.

AG: Explain how your solution helps with Employee Happiness?

Ahmed: Kronos Workforce Dimensions takes employees’ preferences, skills and availability into consideration when creating schedules and assigning shifts, ensuring work is evenly distributed and employees work with their preference basket and are treated fairly. In addition, employees can easily view their timesheets, schedules, accrual balances and request open shifts, swap shifts and receive real-time notifications from their smart phones.

AG: What specifically does AI help in your solution?

Ahmed: Workforce Adviser is an AI “digital personal assistance” that automatically sift through transactions and make action recommendations, as an example. Workforce Advise can automatically approve leave and shift assignments (because they comply with all policies) reducing the time a manager needs to spend on administrative tasks and increasing the time of focus on executing company strategies.

AG: How does Kronos Workforce Dimensions help with ROI and increase the bottom-line for a company?

Ahmed: Independent studies on Kronos customers report savings between 3-6 percent of the annual payroll cost with the ROI under 12 months. This is the results of being able to control labor costs (e.g. leave leakage, unplanned overtime), reduce compliance risk (e.g. making sure all labor and operational policies are adhered to and thus not being subject to fines) and increase employee productivity (e.g. doing more work with less resources and/or producing more output with the same resources).

AG: Who are your existing customers in the UAE and regionally? What specific benefits have these companies derived from your solution so far?

Ahmed: UAE customers include Dubai Airports, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Dulsco, Dubai RTA, Farah Experiences and National Ambulance, are some of the organizations we are working with currently.

AG: What are the shortcomings of your current product that you plan to address in your future releases?

Ahmed: Kronos prides itself on continual investment and enhancement of its products. In the last five years alone, Kronos spend approximately $500 million in R&D. Many of the product enhancements are recommendations by Kronos’ Customer Advisory Board coupled with global technological trends. For example, Workforce Dimensions was build using state-of-the-art architecture that supports AI, Machine Learning and Built-in Analytics with completely re-imagined the user interface.

AG: How much does it cost for per user license? 

Ahmed: Workforce Dimension is a cloud (software as a service) workforce management solution which allows customers to subscribe based on monthly recurring costs. The monthly recurring license costs are based on the number of employees and workforce management modules. For example, an organization with 1000 employees will incur monthly costs ranging between $7,000 – $10,000.

AG: What’s the roadmap for Kronos Workforce Dimensions?

Ahmed: In the coming months, Kronos will be releasing industry specific extensions to Workforce Dimensions covering the healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors.

AG: Any other information regarding your product/solution that you’d like to share with us?

Ahmed: We invite our customers and prospects to attend KronosWorks, which will take place in November 2018, Vegas, USA. This will be the largest Global Workforce Management conference attended by over 4000 customers. KronoWorks is a great opportunity to learn about Kronos’ Workforce Management Solutions and connect with other customers to learn from their experiences.

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