Interview: Dudu – World’s First Multilingual Social Network

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dudu social media network
Abdurakhman Zulumkhanov - Dudu Communication's Project Manager

Founded in 2007, DUDU Communications is a team of professionals from Russia, Turkey, the UAE, Germany and several other countries. In April 2011, the company launched Godudu, world’s first multilingual social network that is unique in offering simultaneous translation from one language to another.

DUDU Communications is a software company, with offices around the world, offering high-end IT solutions. The company actively engages in supporting new cultural and entertainment projects (cultural events, shows, musical performances etc.)

Dudu is a social network with a unique translation technology allowing Internet users that speak different languages to communicate freely. For more information, please visit

Arabian Gazette interviewed Abdurakhman Zulumkhanov – Dudu Communication’s Project Manager to find out more about the multilingual social network. – Interesting name. What does it mean?

Inspired by the tremendous success of Dubai, and after living in the UAE for 10 years, I came up with this short name that associates with success, Dubai and Dagestan, my birthplace.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

The project has been in development for more than 4 years now and has been recently presented to the public. The core of our team and the HQ are based out of Dubai, UAE. These are dedicated professionals – software developers, linguists, translators and others – from Russia, Turkey, the UAE, Germany and several other countries with extensive experience in their respective field of work. Our united efforts brought around this wonderful new project, where we aim to provide free communication to people around the world. The social network will develop in stages, into a more sophisticated format of communication.

On your website it says “Dudu – social network with a unique translation technology allowing Internet users that speak different languages to communicate freely”. This seems quite an innovative concept, especially being based in Dubai, which is considered as a melting pot of different cultures. However, English language is one of the fastest growing languages in the world. Is this a threat to

English language is certainly one of the fastest growing. However, there are many other languages in the world, spoken by a lot of people every day. Sometimes, even when a person does know English or another foreign language, the preferred language for communication is still the mother language, because people feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas in their own language. Fast growth and spreading of any of the world languages will never be a threat to since our main goal is to help people communicate freely, no matter what language they speak.

We all know who is the Goliath of Social Networking which is Facebook. How do you plan to take on them?

There are a lot of different social networks in the world today including many successful projects that are useful and interesting to different people. However, sooner or later all projects face language barriers in international communication. Dudu offers a solution to this problem and provides a platform, where everyone can talk to each other without language barriers.

Can you tell us 3 good reasons why a Facebook user should open an account with

Today we often see that for many of our users Dudu is the first social network, where they got registered. Millions of people take their first steps on the Internet and for many Dudu becomes the starting page of their web browsers.

Dudu is a platform for Facebook users, where language barriers in communication are removed. It is an easy-to-use tool to share your ideas and thoughts with the world and learn new things from different cultures.

We have our own path for development, we introduce unique services and we would like the users to feel comfortable with our project. At the end of the day, it’s up to the users to decide where they would like to spend their time and what services to use.

How big is team?

The core of the team is here in Dubai. But a lot of people work on Dudu from our offices in other countries, while some part of the work is outsourced. Besides, we are very attentive to suggestions and comments that our users share with us. We implement new ideas and improvements on the website based on this feedback, and so, in some way, we can say that users that register on Dudu and actively use our project are also a part of our team.

Facebook started monetizing only years after they launched. How does plan to make money? Does have a different revenue model apart from online advertisements ?

A social network, especially a multilingual social network, opens new horizons, new means for monetization, including advertisements. At this point of time monetizing is not one of our top priorities. However, since this is a private commercial project we do expect to start gradual implementation of various monetization models,  in a way that wouldn’t affect free communication nor the look and feel of users’ interface.

Today, privacy of  users is a big issue with social media websites, especially Facebook. How does address this concern?

User’s privacy is one of the highest priorities for us. With regards to privacy settings, we focused on creating a menu that is very user-friendly, easy to understand and applies the desired settings in no time.

Can you share some of the new features that we will see shortly on 

We are constantly working on improving our project. New updates are frequently rolled out and, in some cases, on daily basis. While some social networks may look alike, Dudu is unique and original in its functionality e.g. we have recently launched a new functionality called “Facts”, that allows additions to the profile of a user based on his/her friends’ opinions. This functionality quickly became very popular among our users.

In near future, we plan to roll out many other exciting new updates, such as catalogues of applications and games, legal video and audio content, Android version of Dudu and much more.

What is’s marketing and promotion strategy?

Dudu Team has put together an innovative approach to target existing and new users around the world based on their various cultures and interests. Dudu believes that interactive communication with our  users is one of the key tools in building our brand name and image. Therefore, our marketing strategy is mostly based on direct interaction with our target audience and is continuously shaped based on their feedback.

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