Interview with Smart Ed: Helping Transform Education

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Economic development expert Richie Santosdiaz speaks with Oz Yildiz and Opender Singh from Smart Ed, an American company in the education sector that sells stem-based products and modules across the world.

Please brief us on the evolution of Smart Ed as a company and what is unique about your product?

Smart Ed LLC was formed from a need to bring unique and innovative education ideas globally. Our approach is to introduce established program offerings globally that have done very well in the US over the last decade or so.

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The approach to our business model is very simple.  We simply tie up with the best of the best education programs exclusively and promote those through our distribution channels globally.

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It all started with a vision to leverage the successful elements utilized at a top performing school run by the founders in New Jersey, USA and bring those elements internationally for all to benefit.

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What is your current international business market at present? And particularly with the Middle East?

The founders of Smart Ed have an extensive collective experience of over 40+ years within the education and financial sectors.  They have led the establishment of a top school from the ground-up in New Jersey, USA and have implemented these programs in their own school successfully.

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Smart Ed is now exclusively bringing these tried and tested products and programs to select markets internationally. We plan on leveraging our deep expertise and business relationships in the education sector to promote these programs in those markets.

What are the latest trends in consumer behavior when it comes to the education sector?

Artificial intelligence, robotics, digital learning and space exploration projects are some of the leading trends in education that we are tracking very closely.

What has your experience been so far with education and the GCC?

Education landscape has been changing rapidly over the last decade or so.  New and innovative ways of learning are being developed globally.  People are working collaboratively across the world for the betterment of education.  Barriers of boundaries are no longer a challenge in the education sector.

GCC countries have been at the forefront of bringing these latest education trends into this part of the world.

With this 20th-century learning accessible to the wider audience of students in GCC countries, we are seeing a larger output of graduates at all levels (Bachelor’s, Masters, Doctorates).  This trend will only keep growing with the continued focus on education.

With the economic transformations happening across the GCC, such as with Saudi Vision 2030 and UAE Centennial 2071, where education is a huge part of that change and the rise of innovation and entrepreneurship, what are your thoughts on these changes?

We feel the GCC is paving the way for thought leadership and betterment of education in all dimensions.

Acceptance and understanding of transformations is the first step towards a plan for implementation of these transformations.  Given the continued focus and long term strategic planning of GCC countries towards education, we feel GCC will be a force to reckon with in producing the next generation of leaders across all sectors.

With your company, as mentioned in the previous question, how do you feel you can contribute to the wider economic development changes happening?

We feel some of our unique and innovative programs within the K-12 markets will help churn out the next batch of high performing students.

For e.g. our Early College Program, which is a partnership with a college in New Jersey and High school in the GCC countries, allows for students in high school to earn up to 60 college credits, enabling them to get their Bachelor’s degree in 2 years! This eliminates the need for any foundation year as their general education requirements are covered in high school itself and students are made college ready.

Additionally, we promote an active hands-on science program (Full Option Science System – FOSS) that springs from a philosophy of active learning at the Lawrence Hall of Science that has guided the development of successful active-learning science curricula for more than 25 years!

Our approach of linking academic achievement to physical activity is at the forefront of our Play Lu? offering, which engages kids to move and learn by gamifying physical education in a new and innovative way.

Lu? uses giant interactive projections, immersive lighting and powerful sound to deliver groundbreaking experiences, activities and applications that make kids active, curious and passionate about learning.

Come learn more about how we are looking to change the world one kid at a time with our “Smart innovations in Education”

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