Interview: Zaheer Dodhia, CEO –, Region’s First Arabic Language Crowdsourcing Platform for Graphic Design

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MycroBurst has launched its crowdsourcing platform for graphic design in the Arabic language. It is the first crowdsourcing platform to do so.

Zaheer Dodhia, CEO of, says: “This is an inexpensive and exciting new way of sourcing branding and logos. We have many customers based in the Middle East and North Africa, and we want to be able to provide service in Arabic to make MycroBurst more user friendly. We work with a number of designers who can read and write Arabic.”

Here’s how MycroBurst works:

When a company wants to crowdsource any aspect of their branding, to include logos, websites, stationery etc, they post their creative brief on MycroBurst’s website, and designers – from a pool of over 40,000 from more than 100 countries – post logo submissions in response. A project holder will typically receive an average of 116 concepts from more than 20 different designers.

After seven days, the winning designer is chosen by the customer, and the customer gets full rights to their design. The cost starts at $199, and customers get to name their own price.

Projects are listed in both Arabic and English, project holders will be able to communicate to both designers and customer support in Arabic, and financial transactions will be in US dollars.

Zaheer Dodhia, CEO,
Zaheer Dodhia, CEO,

To know more about and crowdsourcing and its future potential, Arabian Gazette interviewed the CEO of, Mr. Zaheer Dodhia. 

Please provide a brief background about MycroBurst and its successes in the crowdsourcing industry? was started in 2008 as a crowdsourcing solution for graphic design needs. Since then we have provided our services to more than 50,000 customers. We currently have more than 45,000 designers worldwide. Over the years we have designed a variety of products including logos, websites, brochures, business cards, and even yoga mats.

Compared to rest of the world, how do you rate the future prospects of crowdsourcing industry in the MENA region?
We rate the future prospects of the crowdsourcing industry in the MENA region to be high. We at MycroBurst have already seen that a growing number of customers are coming to us from the MENA region, and that is why we decided to launch in Arabic. We see a huge demand for our services once people hear about them. The size and diversity of our crowd enables us to provide our services successfully to MENA customers.

What sets MycroBurst apart from competition?
Our excellent customer support makes us stand out from our competition. We believe in a providing quality product with excellent service. We have consistently been tracking a net promoter score (NPS) of over 70% for the past year. That is comparable to Apple and Zappos.

How do you think crowdsourcing platforms in local languages, like MycroBurst, can help brands build a unique identity? Can you please share any examples. 
Being able to provide services in local languages is crucial to the growth of The Internet is beyond a single language. For example, because our crowd can design in more then 100 languages, we are able to take care of our customers in all of the major languages. We have designers from more than 200 countries, and many of our designers speak Arabic. So this will be added value for customers who want to communicate in Arabic.

How can brands benefit from a synergy between social media play and crowdsourcing platforms?
Social media has played a very important role in promoting crowdsourcing solutions. In our case, customer and designers both like to share their designs on all major social platforms. They get feedback that helps them make a decision, and they even organise in-person meet-ups. For example, 75 of our Indonesian designers are planning a meet-up to learn from each other and share good practice – they use Facebook to organise it, and we help them. Plus, our design process makes it very easy for our customers to share their designs with colleagues, friends and family on social media platforms.

What are some of the advantages for creative professionals for signing up with crowdsourcing platforms like MycroBurst?
Creative professionals can earn extra money by participating in our services, and many of our designers have turned crowdsourcing into full-time jobs – they can work remotely, from any country in the world. Plus, new designers can get experience and build their portfolio.

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