Intriguing bamboo phone concept comes to life

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adzero bamboo phone
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A British startup named ADzero?is all set to release a bamboo-based smartphone on a concept devised by Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, ?a final year student of product design at the Middlesex University, who decided to design a smartphone due to lack of variety in mobile handset designs.

A technology entrepreneur contacted Woodhouse after he posted the concept online, and ADzero was born.

The body of the smartphone is made from 4-year-old organically grown bamboo. Bamboo was chosen over other materials as it is a sustainable material and is as durable as plastic.?The product will be manufactured in China which is the largest producer of the tropical woody grass.

ADzero smartphone weighs around 70g. It has a larger screen and runs on Android OS. Other specifications such as display size and the version of Android operating system have not been disclosed at this time.

The smartphone also includes a camera with a flash and the lens is capable of reducing illumination and shadows.?With a unibody design and weight half than that of an iPhone, the smartphone sports a larger screen and also has a camera with ?ringflash? ? a flash that encompasses the lens for even illumination and shadow reduction.

Dr Andy Bardill, the designer’s tutor and Middlesex University?s product design and engineering director of programmes, praised?Woodhouse as an outstanding designer with a passion for consumer electronics. “He saw all those lawsuits flying between companies that were all trying to copy the iPhone and wanted to make a beautifully designed phone that is completely different, something that will challenge the industry,”?he said while adding that the student?s bamboo smartphone design had been partly inspired by patent wars waged by smartphone manufacturers.

ADzero will be first launched in London after which it will debut in other markets. The company plans to sell at the phones at design-focused retailers and boutiques. However, pricing and release date are yet to be finalised.

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