Invest in Sharjah film Wins Prize at Cannes [Video]

The promotional video 'Invest in Sharjah' has won the prestigious Cannes award.
The promotional video 'Invest in Sharjah' has won the prestigious Cannes award.
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Sharjah, one of the seven Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is often overshadowed by its bigger Emirates’ Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, as much there is advancement and robust growth in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is often a silent force in its own ways making strides in development and progress, and overall contributing to the economy of the country.

It is therefore not a surprise that a promotional film commissioned by Invest in Sharjah (“Invest in Sharjah”) as part of its marketing collateral has won a coveted prize at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Out of nearly 1,000 entries the jury selected the “Invest in Sharjah” submission as a winner of the Dolphin Trophy in the category ‘Marketing Communication – B2B’.

Through the video “Invest in Sharjah”, Sharjah hopes to project a modern vision to promote the emirate to the wider business world and communicate Sharjah’s unique attributes, successes and location.

Fast Facts about Sharjah

-UNESCO cultural capital of the Arab World
-Sharjah has 21 industrial zones and 55,237 registered business
-92% literacy rate with a bulk of young population (25-34 years old)
-$35 billion economy (19% of annual UAE GDP)
-$314 million industry by 2020
-33% of UAE’s manufacturing sector
-2nd largest airfreight hub in the Middle East

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VIDEO: Why you should consider investing in Sharjah

Through its diverse components to showcase Sharjah’s various sectors; the video emphasizes the emirate’s advantages of being just a four-hour flight from a third of the world’s population and an eight-hour flight from two thirds. It also highlights Sharjah as as business hub, while forging a new future through its industrial zones and an economic growth that has now achieved a Gross Domestic Product of USD 25 billion.

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Mohammed Juma Al Musharrakh, Director of Invest in Sharjah said: “This award is a testament to how Sharjah has a unified approach and a common goal of attracting investors through its modern infrastructure, strategic location and stable environment to start and expand their businesses and enter into the Middle East market and beyond.”

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He added: “Invest in Sharjah has a primary role of showcasing the very best qualities and opportunities the emirate has to offer and through this production we have made tremendous inroads to a global audience. We have not only conveyed the message that Sharjah is an investment haven at this moment in time, we have successfully portrayed its potential as an even greater destination in the future. Sharjah is a hugely attractive proposition for companies all over the world and through initiatives such as these, more businesses will see more reasons to invest more resources.”

The 3 minutes and 40 seconds video is filmed against a backdrop of stunning cinematography, drone technology and elegant infographics, and covering more than 50 locations in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Al Musharrakh continues: “Business owners and entrepreneurs are seeing more and more how Sharjah is becoming a growing hub for all kinds of industries. There is massive inward investment geared towards the future including education, technology, the environment and travel and tourism among many others. As people who have seen this award-winning video will testify, Sharjah is very much on the worldwide investment map and will continue to develop its imprint,” concluded Al Musharrakh.



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