iPhone 5 – What’s hot and what’s not

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The much awaited iPhone 5 has finally arrived. The next generation version is predicted to break all records and is expected to give the much needed boost not only to Apple Inc, but also the US GDP to 0.5%, says JP Morgan. With its theatrical unveiling in San Francisco by Apple’s senior VP Phil Schiller, the world waited with abated breath to take a sneak peek of the latest smartphone showstopper. We give you a balanced review of what’s hot and not of the iPhone 5.

On our hotness meter:

1.All iPhone5 models will sell at the same price as their previous versions. At $199 with a two year data and calling plan.

2.First Apple iPhone with 4G.

3. Taller and uber sleek, with 18% thinner and 20% lighter than iPhone 4S. It’s incredibly slim and easy to hold.

4. iPhone 5’s screen is 0.5 inch larger than its previous version. Perhaps the coolest feature is a tool called “panorama” that automatically integrates a series of pictures into a single vista.

5. The savvy iPhone 5 is made of completely glass and aluminium.

6. Has an 8MP camera that takes pictures with higher resolution.

7. It will sport a larger 4-inch “retina” display that has the ability to surf a high-speed 4G LTE network. The screen will have a 1136 x 640 screen resolution. Videos and photos will look much vibrant than before.

8. Apple’s own mapping system gives aerial views, 3D renderings of most cities and turn-by-turn directions from Siri.

9. It will incorporate Apple’s new operating software iOS 6. The audio system will now have 3 microphones.

10. With the quad-core Cortex A6 processor, iPhone 5 is expected to be twice as fast.

11. Improvised battery endurance. Apple claims that iPhone 5 can support 8 hours of 4GB web browsing.

12. It comes in black and white and has voice data integrated into a chip.

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What’s NOT Hot:

1. Missing NFC that enables pairing with bluetooth devices and exchange of data between devices.

2. Since the battery is smaller, in keeping with its sleek image, it maybe more efficient as Apple claims, but its life could be the same as iPhone 4S.

3. The new connector is supposed to be faster and double sided. But the flip side is that all previous accessories like bed stands, docks,old cables, are now obsolete. You will have to buy a new connector which may work with only some accessories.

4. No wireless charging. It may have to be enabled.

5. Rainbow colours for iPhone 5! What were they thinking?

6. Missing Google Maps. Apple has come out with its own mapping system. Remains to be seen how well this will go down with users.

7. Apps compatibility still remains a matter of concern until they get updated as well. There’s also no telling how the new applications will work on the older sizes.

With that said, we would advise you to visit the nearest Apple Store, when iPhone 5 launches in your city, and check out what the  frenzy is all about. Tell us below if you’re really excited or if it’s much ado about nothing…

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