IRENA sets high standards with new building

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IRENA’s new complex in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, is a fitting step forward to its energy mission

IRENA HQ building in Abu Dhabi
IRENA HQ building in Abu Dhabi. The complex is fitting for IRENA’s mission, as the 32,000 m2 structure demands 42% less energy than global energy-efficiency standards recommend and 64% less than typical buildings in Abu Dhabi. Photo-supplied

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reinforced UAE’s status as a global energy leader with its newly inaugurated headquarters in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City on June 3, 2015 (Wednesday).

The new complex– the 32,000 m2 structure demands 42% less energy than global energy-efficiency standards recommend and 64% less than typical buildings in Abu Dhabi.

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Inaugurating the complex, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, said, “…this  marks an important milestone on the UAE’s successful journey to host the intergovernmental organization, which began with our bid submission seven years ago.  Hosting IRENA in Abu Dhabi is a reflection of the UAE’s commitment to expanding access to sustainable, clean energy both domestically and internationally.”

IRENA is one of the newest and fastest-growing intergovernmental organizations in the world, and the first to be headquartered in the Middle East. The Agency currently supports 140 member countries, with 32 more in the process of accession. Headquartered in Masdar City, a sustainable city in the heart of a global hub for energy – Abu Dhabi – IRENA is seeks to collaborate with governments worldwide to help them meet their renewable energy goals.

“… it is only fitting that this important intergovernmen.tal organisation’s work is conducted from the most sustainable office building in the UAE,” said Dr Sultan Al Jaber, UAE minister of state, special envoy for energy and climate change, and chairman of Masdar.

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Interesting facts about IRENA buiding

  • The building demands 42% less energy than global energy-efficiency standards.
  • Solar water heaters supply 75% of the building’s hot water demand.
  • The building demands approximately 50% less water than similar conventional office buildings in Abu Dhabi.
  • The 1,000 m2 PV rooftop system will produce 305,000 kWh of electricity annually. In addition, the solar hot water system will be equivalent to 27,850 kWh. Altogether, the renewable energy systems output of the building will cover more than 10% of the building energy demand.
  • The building self-generates more than 10% of its total energy demand and sources the rest from Masdar City, which produces much of its energy from an adjacent 10 MW solar farm.
  • The building is twice as airtight as Estidama requires, reducing the site’s overall energy consumption.
  • The building’s air conditioning system recovers 75% of the energy released as exhaust air, and then harnesses it to cool incoming fresh air.
IRENA HQ building infographic
IRENA HQ building infographic. Image courtesy-Masdar
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