James Bond-style Hydrobatic craft to be introduced at Dubai International Boat Show

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DeepFlight Hydrobatic Craft – the newest luxury toy for the superyacht and high net worth market to be showcased at the Dubai Boat Show

DeepFlight Hydrobatic Craft side view
Revolutionary next generation James Bond-style Hydrobatic craft to be introduced at Dubai International Boat Show. Photo-supplied

Hawkes Ocean Technologies announced today that the Company will be introducing its next generation DeepFlight Hydrobatic Craft at the Dubai International Boat Show, March 4-8 2014. Hawkes Ocean Technologies has transformed the traditional manned underwater vehicle into high-performance craft that provide an unparalleled, three-dimensional underwater flight.  The Company will be taking pre-orders for its 2014-2015 run of its newest models – the Black Hawk and Super Falcon Mark II.

Led by industry pioneer, Graham Hawkes, Hawkes Ocean Technologies has fundamentally re-designed the concept of a submersible, by applying the principles of flight, and has proven the technology through five generations of working DeepFlight.  The proprietary, patented winged design enables unprecedented speed, range and agility, transforming the two-dimensional elevator experience of conventional submersible designs into an underwater flight through the oceans.

The Company will be introducing DeepFlight Black Hawk, a limited edition, single-seat, high-performance Hydrobatic Craft, designed to push the limits of underwater flight for solo pilots; and DeepFlight Super Falcon Mark II, the next generation 2-seat Hydrobatic Craft designed for ease of use, and to provide underwater flight experiences for the recreational and private owner market. Three Limited Edition Black Hawk and five Super Falcon Mark II craft will be available for pre-orders at the Dubai International Boat Show.

The prices range from $1.35 million to $1.7 million. Some recognizable clients include Sir Richard Branson, the late billionaire adventurer, Steve Fossett, venture capitalist and builder of the worlds largest sailboat (s/y Maltese falcon), Tom Perkins; and founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz.

Graham Hawkes, Founder and Chief Technology Officer stated, “We have worked closely with our customers to innovate a new type of recreational underwater vehicle for private owners. Our DeepFlight craft are now optimized for ease of operation, and with their positive buoyancy and capacity for flight, offer the safe, comfortable and exhilarating experience of underwater flight from yacht or shore base. If you ever dreamed of flying alongside marine mammals, your dreams are now a reality.”

Hawkes Ocean Technologies President, Adam Wright, added, “We are excited to be exhibiting at the Dubai International Boat Show this year, and look forward to presenting our newest Hydrobatic Craft to superyacht owners and water enthusiasts. Both have shown great interest in integrating our DeepFlight craft into their ocean lifestyles. Over the past few years, we have already delivered our fourth generation DeepFlight Super Falcon to motor and sailing yachts with great success and we continue to expand our product line and grow the market for private ownership of our DeepFlight Hydrobatic Craft.”

VIDEO: DeepFlight Submersible – Searching for Whale Song

Graham Hawkes and co-pilot Lee Behel go on a surreal adventure in the DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible. Using their hydrophones and their wits, our intrepid explorers cruise the underwater valleys of Hawaii in an attempt to capture a whale song. The DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible was designed, built and operated by Hawkes Ocean Technologies.

[tubepress video=”71590977″]

DeepFlight ran a special project in Jordan a few years ago where the Super Falcon was used to run the first baseline survey of the gulf of Aqaba below 100 feet up and down the Jordanian coastline. The team spent four weeks in Jordan and took about 8 scientists down for dives, and also did a public outreach program there with VIPs and schoolchildren.

DeepFlight will be at EX-50 stand at the Dubai International Boat Show, March 4-8 2014.

Hawkes Ocean Technologies was founded in 1996 by renowned ocean engineer, Graham Hawkes, to innovate underwater technologies to expand human access to the oceans. The Company’s flagship technology is the DeepFlight Hydrobatic Craft, a fundamentally new type of manned underwater vehicle that is a combination of submersible and high-performance aircraft. The Company is globally recognized for its advanced underwater vehicles designed, built and operated for the private owner and recreational markets, including for the superyacht and tourism industries. Learn more at www.deepflight.com.

Photos: DeepFlight  Hydrobatic craft 


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