Jobs galore in Qatar’s health sector

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Sidra Medical and Research Center
US$ 7.9bn Sidra Medical and Research Center is part of Qatar Foundation. Sidra plans to hire over 4,500 medical staff  over the next 2 years

The Doha-based Sidra Medical and Research Center, slated to open next year, plans to hire over 4,500 medical staff over the next two years.

The state-of-the-art medical facility will provide healthcare services focused on obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics. The hiring process will give preferential treatment to Arab medical professionals to encourage the supply of regional skilled graduates. Medical professionals will also benefit from latest medical education and biomedical research.

Sidra is being set up with a USD 7.9 billion endowment from the Qatar Foundation. In the first phase, construction of its 400-bed facility will be completed latest by fourth quarter of this year. The medical facility is expected to expand to 550-beds in the second phase.

Here’s a virtual tour of the Sidra Medical and Research Center:

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According to Dr William Owen, the CEO of hospital, “we’re entering an aggressive ramp up in terms of our staff so I guess you can call it that we are in a hiring phase. The organization right now is roughly 250 team members. At the time of the opening I anticipate that we’ll have about 3,000 team members and that does not reflect the total number of team members, which is probably going to be almost 5,000”.

Governments in the Arab world have been forced to dedicate greater resources for the healthcare sector due to rapidly growing populations and increase in the occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Figures of the International Diabetes Foundation suggest that the six Gulf states are amongst the top ten countries in the world affected with diabetes.

The demand for hospital beds in Gulf countries is expected to climb to 93,992 by 2015. However, there is dearth of talent in the region and governments have little choice but to spend millions of dollars on healthcare imports due to lack of sufficient services. Sidra aims to make an important contribution in nurturing regional talent by providing young medical graduates with a promise of job.



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