Jordan – Arab World’s Startup Capital

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Jordan is currently the hotbed for attractive start ups, making it the 10th best place in the world to start a technology company, according to a 2012 list compiled by Rashid Serfioui, the founder of Finaventures, a California based venture Capital Firm. There is a large percentage of educated population there, which isnt surprising considering that the country invests almost 20% of its GDP on education. Development of entrepreneurship know how, a fast growing e-commerce culture, technological and digital ecosystem that is thriving have all contributed to attracting global investors. The region unlike its neighbours is also politically and economically stable.

His Majesty King Abdullah, has encouraged the development and launch of various hi-tech, digital entrepreurship ventures, making Amman a favourite among venture capitalists. Investment companies like Oasis 500  and Endeavour Jordan  are empowering young Jordanian Entrepreneurs, making it one of the hottest destinations for start ups. Amman may very well be on its way to be the Silicon Valley of the Middle East.

Though Jordan tops the list of  Arab countries in 2012 in terms of number of startups in the field of internet and technology, the number of investments registered in 2012 in the sector hit 19 new startups, compared with 38 in the previous year.

The latest report by Discover Digital Arabia, a digital marketing company based in Jordan has said that the total number of investments made in the Arab world in 2012 was down, with only 49 investments compared to 67 investments in 2011.

“There is a good ecosystem in Jordan for supporting startups and entrepreneurs compared to the rest of the region. There is a good marketing for startups and entrepreneurs in Jordan, which helps attract investments to support the entrepreneurs“, said Jawad Abbassi, founder and general manager of Arab Advisors Group according to Jordan Times.

Investment in Tech and Internet startups space in Arab World
Investment in Tech and Internet startups space in Arab World
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