Foreign grants cover just 12% of fuel subsidy deficit – Jordan

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jafar hassan jordan
Jordan’s Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Jafar Hassan (left) speaking at a symposium held by the University of Jordan and the Columbia University Middle East Research Centre in February. Photo – Petra News Agency

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation said signed or projected foreign grants pledged to the Jordanian government this year, amounting to $365.2 million, would help offset just 12% of the three billion dollars government subsidy on oil.

In a statement posted on the Prime Ministry’s Media and Communications Directorate website, Jafar Hassan claimed that the government has efficiently managed the foreign aid to finance priority projects in the executive development programme.

The state-run Petra news agency quoted the minister as saying that government’s high efficiency over the past years helped to increase the volume of grants to prop up the treasury.

He added that a total of $350 million, received by the government in shape of grants, will be transferred to the treasury before the end of the year.

Hassan said the planning ministry has been able to build a “constructive” partnership with foreign donors, namely the US, the EU and Japan, that has helped it form a better understanding of developmental priorities and tackle the major challenges facing the country.

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