Jordan MPs agree 15% pay cut; proceeds will go to Treasury

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jordan deputies
A group of Jordan deputies during a parliament session. Photo -

Jordanian MPs on Wednesday announced they have agreed to deduct 15% of their salaries and give it to the Treasury as the country passes through a difficult economic situation.

Taking into consideration the government’s austerity measures, a majority of MPs voted in favour of a proposal by nine of their colleagues to deduct a certain percentage of lawmakers’ salaries to support the troubled Treasury.

Several MPs called on their colleagues to cooperate with the government to address the economic turmoil and suggested that a certain percentage of deputies’ and senators’ salaries be given to the Treasury.

MP Mefleh Khazaaleh proposed that JD500 be deducted from the monthly salaries of members of the lower house and senate, and that 15% of the salaries of public employees earning over JD1,000 a month be given to the Treasury. Jordanian Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh commended the deputies’ decision and said that his advisers and all directors serving the ministries have also agreed to give 15% of their salaries to the Treasury.

The government announced a set of austerity measures last week to address the soaring state budget deficit. Reports said the premier’s and Cabinet members’ salaries have agreed to a 20% pay cut.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Gen. Mashal Al Zaben and officers with the rank of major general have also decided to give 15% of their salaries to the Treasury, for six months starting the end of this month.

On Tuesday, Public Security Department Director Lt. Gen. Hussein Majali, his deputy and assistants, and Director General of the Gendarmerie Department Lt. Gen. Tawfiq Tawalbeh, his deputy and assistants announced to give 15% of their salaries to the Treasury for six months, starting from the end of May.

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