Jordan to provide nursing graduates to Canadian hospital in Dubai

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csh dubai
Dentists performing a dental surgery at the Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH) in Dubai, UAE. Photo - Canadian Specialist Hospital

The Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH) has signed an agreement with Jordan’s Ministry of Labour to develop, train, and employ nursing graduates from Jordan in its Dubai campus.

“Jordan’s healthcare infrastructure is taking dynamic strides and making rapid progress. Although we see the number of nursing graduates increasing, there are limited initiatives in place that encourage our nationals to opt for the nursing profession. Hence, we see an opportunity to educate the population about its importance.  Through this partnership, we will collaborate with leading hospitals outside Jordan to encourage more Jordanian nurses and make nursing a more lucrative career for our nationals,” Jordan’s Minister of Labour Dr. Maher Al Waked said.

Chief Operating Officer of CSH Mr. Hussein Anani also praised the efforts that are aimed at bringing young people into the nursing profession. “Acquiring and retaining skilled talent is becoming a key issue amid a severe global shortage in qualified nurses. Our Human Resources department has obtained special sanctions from Dubai Health Authority and has launched the Professional Development Program for New Graduate Nurses to encourage and coach in ways that will enable new nurses to maintain their enthusiasm and vision while they acquire the skills and perspectives needed to operate efficiently within the system,” he said in a statement.

“During this program, our intention for new graduation nurses is to develop the expertise that will lead to confident, intuitive, appropriate and comprehensive nursing care management in line with best international practices.”

The agreement, first of its kind in Jordan’s healthcare sector, was signed by Dr. Mohammad Al Qudah, Director of Employment and Training at Jordan’s Ministry of Labour, and Nisha Varghese, Director of Human Resources at Canadian Specialist Hospital in Dubai.

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