Jordan receives Thai help for artificial rains

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artificial rain
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A top Thai diplomat in Amman said his country is in talks with Jordan to provide technology and assistance for making artificial rain, Jordanian daily said in its report.

Piriya Khempon, Thai Ambassador to Jordan, said both countries will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) soon, paving the way for enhanced cooperation and technology transfer.

The ambassador added that a study conducted by a team of Thai experts who recently visited the Hashemite Kingdom found that Jordan’s weather is feasible for creating artificial rain.

“After we sign the memo with Jordan soon, a team of Thai experts in the field will come to Jordan to transfer its expertise and know-how in making artificial rain to Jordanian experts in the water sector,” Jordan Times quoted the Thai diplomat as saying.

Jordanian authorities are reportedly working on the necessary infrastructure needed for going ahead with the project.

The methodology involves “seed” the clouds by introducing certain chemicals in order to increase moisture that would eventually result in precipitation.

Thailand’s technique is also being used by Australia, New Zealand, Oman and Tanzania.

Approximately 91% of Jordan’s total area of 97,000 square kilometres is arid, with an annual rainfall average of 50-200 millimetres, while 2.9 per cent of the country’s land is semi-arid, with an annual rainfall average of 400-580 millimetres.

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