KEF Holdings’ Faizal and Shabana Foundation to Build 100 Homes in Flood-hit Kerala

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KEF Holdings’ Philanthropic Arm Faizal and Shabana Foundation to Build 100 Homes in Support of ‘Rebuild Kerala’ Initiative

First prototype offsite-manufactured, prefabricated home assembled in 11 hours and have an expected lifespan of 100 years

KEF Holdings, under the umbrella of its philanthropic arm the Faizal and Shabana Foundation, has committed to building 100 homes as part of the ‘Rebuild Kerala’ initiative. Launched by the Government of Kerala, the Rebuild Kerala initiative is collaborating across sectors to deliver solutions to restore critical infrastructure, specifically housing, that was damaged during the 2018 Kerala floods.

The 400 square feet home will include a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, as well as one bathroom with a toilet and foyer area.

Pre-Fab home built in 11 Hours (1)

KEF is using its expertise in offsite manufacturing technology to deliver the 100 homes in flood-affected areas identified by the state government. Using technology, all elements of the home including walls, columns and the roof are being manufactured in a factory assembly line. These concrete elements will then be transported to the site and assembled using dry connectors from Germany to reduce time and improve efficiency on site. The prefabricated home, which comes fully finished and fitted out with furnishings, can be assembled within 11 hours and is expected to have a 100-year lifespan.

The Faizal and Shabana Foundation with its partner KEF Katerra recently built a proof of concept, prototype home in 11 hours at Irinjalakuda, Thrissur, Kerala. The fully-furnished home was gifted to a local couple, Chandran and Sharada, who lost their home during the floods.

Speaking on the initiative, Faizal Kottikollon, Founder and Chairman of KEF Holdings, and Co-Founder of Faizal and Shabana Foundation, said: “We have always believed that technology should be used for the greater good, to benefit people at large. With our technical expertise, we can help rebuild flood-damaged homes faster to support the government’s Rebuild Kerala initiative. We also want this project to be a global model on delivering critical infrastructure with time and cost efficiency, following an unfortunate calamity.”

Shabana Faizal, Vice-Chairperson of KEF Holdings and Co-Founder of Faizal and Shabana Foundation, said: “Urgent response and rebuilding is critical after such natural disasters, and technology intervention is essential for achieving this goal. Our aim is always to give in a manner that makes a real difference and impact. By building these 100 homes, we hope to help the beneficiaries rebuild their lives again and make a new start.”

Beneficiaries and plots for the 100 homes are being identified using the Kerala Government’s efficient flood tracking system. The 100 homes are scheduled for delivery by Q1 2019.

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