Know Your Rights

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Probably, every country needs something similar — a Know Your Rights programme

India is witnessing a unique nationwide public initiative to live and experience fundamental rights and duties of our Constitution through an interactive board game — Samvidhan LIVE! The Jagrik Project”.

ComMutiny partner organisations across  14 states of India will together execute this novel and interactive initiative to deepen the refl-action (Reflection + Action) abilities of young citizens. Each of the several hundred participants in this program will perform weekly tasks based on a fundamental right or duty designed as a game or activity. Participants will also engage in peer level discussions each week. The 5-week project is designed to impart practical knowledge of the Constitution and help participants articulate their understanding of the Constitution while performing each weekly activity or task.

Commenting on the initiative Ashraf Patel, Convener, ComMutiny – The Youth Collective (CYC) said, “The Constitution quite aptly provides direction to us as a nation. As citizens  however, in the rut of everyday life trying to fulfill our dreams of a better life, how far are we able to help the Constitution come alive?  Samvidhan LIVE! The Jagrik Project is designed to create a consonance between the nation’s dreams and the dreams of young people;  not only for themselves but also their dream for the nation they want to build and a larger society that is nurtured on the constitutional values.”

The program format is unique in that, each ‘Jagrik’ (jagruk + nagrik) will be paired with another Jagrik from a different background but near similar in age. Both will embark on a 5-week journey to discover their dreams, values, question their responsibilities and perform several duties as tasks to explore their inside-out youth leadership. The duo will complete challenges that test them emotionally and physically.


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