Abu Dhabi Business Center Launched

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Aerial view of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE.
Aerial view of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE. Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development (ADDED) yesterday launched the Abu Dhabi Business Center, a one-stop-shop offering services to business people and investors. Photo – Faisal Saeed Dama

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development yesterday announced the launch of the Abu Dhabi Business Center (ADBC), which according to Nasser Ahmed Al Sowaidi, Chairman of ADDED is “a major initiative adopted by the government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi established to reshape the business environment aligned with International standards and comes as part of a comprehensive strategic plan focused on the development of various economic sectors”.

Working towards the Abu Dhabi 2030 economic vision, the Center would be an ideal business environment, positioning Abu Dhabi as a premium hub for investment and for attracting business people in the region.

Al Sowaidi added  “The activation of the Abu Dhabi Business Center in the early months of 2013, will have an impact on Abu Dhabi achieving high rankings in the World Bank Report for the ease of doing business, due to the Center’s extensive array of service offerings including a range of technical and legal services and procedures related to commerce and investment including the development of the electronic system utilized for processing trade licenses.

“Establishing the ideal business environment does not rely solely on the ADBC, however, this is a shared responsibility that extends to government and semi government entities in addition to the private sector and all are required to unite their efforts in order to achieve their common goals and to contribute to the development of all sectors” said ADDED’s Chairman.

In conclusion, Al Sowaidi said “ADDED’s strategic plan 2011-2015 leans towards the development of economic diversification and the introduction of more productive and balanced sectors that will help increase the overall effectiveness of the business sector. This has resulted in higher collaboration between ADDED and other federal and local government entities. The establishment of the Center is clearly aligned with the future targets that have been outlined in the plan which are compatible with the requirements of business owners”.

Abdulla Rashed Al Otaiba, Chairman of the Department of Economic Transport DoT said  “Abu Dhabi Business Center ADCB takes the electronic services offered by the Emirate to a whole new level making services of this nature more efficient and effective which saves time and energy of the customers raising the bar in the standard of services provided which is what all government entities aspire for.”

Al Otaiba added  “we are thrilled to become one of the first strategic partners of such a distinguished project launched by the ADDED as we have closely experienced the potential and magnitude of this project during the trial period”. “We are proud to be part of this great achievement that enables customers to complete trade licensing in various sectors including transportation by air, sea and land all at one destination known as the one-stop-shop due to the electronic linkage between ADDED and other government entities”.

The Centre will be offering three main services namely, trade licensing and registration services, interactive services by offering consultation and support to companies and investors in addition to offering valuable information for strategic customers and partners in Abu Dhabi revolving the business environment in the Emirates. One of the key services would be the innovative e-Business solutions aimed at reducing the time required for trade licenses. Trade license renewal which previously took several days will be reduced to a mere 10 minutes.

Currently, ADCB is interlinked with 8 different governmental entities namely The Supreme Petroleum Council, Municipality of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Municipality and the Western Region, The Department of Transport, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company and the Center of Waste Management. More than 70% of the trade licensing process is currently completed within the Center with approximately 10,000 approvals all obtained electronically.

The Center aspires to upscale efforts to reach the 90% mark for trade licensing completion by the end of 2013 whereby, the Center will be interlinked to 15 governmental entities. Moreover, further entities will also be included in the near future to reach a total of 45.


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