Lebanese movie wins Cadillac People?s Choice Award at Toronto film festival

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nadine labaki movie where do we go now
Poster of Nadine Labaki's new movie: Where Do We Go Now, with its Lebanese title: W Halla2 La wein (French: Et Maintenant, On Va Ou?)

Lebanon film, ?Where do we go now?? was chosen as the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. The winner was announced Sunday at a closing brunch of the 11-day festival.

The Cadillac People?s Choice Award, which carries a C$15,000 cash prize, is voted by festival audiences and has been considered a leader at Oscars. Last year’s winner,?The King’s Speech, went on to win four Academy Awards, including best picture.

Nadine Labaki was traveling in Europe when she heard the news. Festival programmer Rasha Salti accepted the award on behalf of the filmmaker and read out the statement sent by Labaki. She said, ?I?m thrilled, I?m happy, I?m excited – my day that had just started on the wrong foot because of a fight cancellation has just been turned upside down.? Festival director Peirs Handling noted it was a surprise triumph for a film that sidelines star-studded Hollywood films.

Directed and written by Nadine Labaki, who also acts in the film was voted as the best film by the fans. The movie is a bittersweet comedy about women in war-torn Lebanon. The story revolves around a Lebanese village inhabited by both Muslim and Christian community. The village is isolated from other parts of the country. The women in the village are determined to protect their community from inter-religious fighting, which erupts when a household in the village installs a television. The women try different tactics to protect the peace of the village, but ultimately give in with each woman declaring that she is changing her religion, Christian women converting to Islam and vice versa.

Sources: SaudiGazette.com, Gulf News

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