Legendary German Rotisserie Wienerwald to open two stores in Dubai

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Legendary German Rotisserie dining experience finds AED 10 million investment in lucrative Dubai market

Legendary German Rotisserie Wienerwald to open two stores in Dubai
Legendary German Rotisserie Wienerwald to open two stores in Dubai

International casual dining brand Wienerwald is entering Dubai, with an AED 10 million dirham investment into the emirate. German-based Wienerwald is well known for its roasted chicken offerings, with its famous tagline ‘Rotisserie Chicken since 1955’ epitomising it. The franchised outlet of the fabled food brand will have two stores from the outset, with two signed leases in JBR and Dubai Media City to begin with.

“Casual dining is a concept that is ever-so popular in Dubai. People enjoy going out to malls and food courts or restaurants. As such, thematic dining is highly sought after. We encourage people to come for the food and stay for the ambience. Germany has a lot to offer, and as far as legacy food brands go, Wienerwald embodies the true essence of Germany,” said JurgenEllenbeck, Project Director Wienerwald MENA.

Wienerwald was founded back in 1955, and, received a much-needed shot in the arm when it was revived in 2007, when the founding family bought back the brand’s trademark rights.  Ever since, FriedrichJahn’s grandson Daniel Peitzner is head of Wienerwald Franchise GmbH.  At first, securing the future of the classic restaurants still in existence was Peitzner’s priority. When this was achieved, the focus shifted toward the development of a novel Wienerwald business concept.

Wienerwald joins the myriad eateries in the emirate, but the Dubai-owners expect to enjoy a sizeable market share with unique offerings, priced affordably. “Our secret is – Crispy, golden skin, succulent meat, seasoned with a unique blend of herbs and spices – Wienerwald has been an expert griller since 1955. Our customers love the unique flavor of the world’s most famous roast chicken. It isn‘t without good reason that our roast chicken generates the greatest part of our revenue,” said Jurgen Ellenbeck.

Apart from the classic roast chicken, other items on the menu worth a mention include a mix of the all-time-greats, as well as the innovative new products. A few highlights on the menu: schnitzel, kiks, chicken wings, burgers and wraps. A bounteous range of salads completes the menu making a visit to Wienerwald an absolute joy, even for the health-conscious customers.

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