Lesaffre bets big on GCC, to Open New Baking Centre in 2020

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The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) baked goods segment’s sustained growth run is headed for yet another major boost following the planned launch of an ultra-modern Baking Center in Dubai.

Expected to go live in Q1 of 2020, the new Baking Center™ is part of Lesaffre’s, a key global player in the field of yeast and fermentation products, ambitious market penetration strategy for the region.

The 47th Baking Center is in line with Lesaffre’s strategic priorities of innovation and customer service and is a technical center where baking professionals get technical support, training, access to special baking equipments and advice from experts…

Recognized as having one of the most vibrant and competitive bakery industries in the region, the UAE’s bakery sector has maintained a steady growth trajectory mainly due to a growing appetite for baked goods.

Revamped baking ingredients

Driven by emerging industry and wellness trends, Lesaffre will be officially introducing new and revamped bakery products at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing show in Dubai.

According to the Lesaffre spokesperson, the age-old industry’s favorite bakery ingredients, the Saf-instant instant dry yeast and the new 2in1 sourdough solution, have undergone a major transformation in a bid to meet the bakers and consumer’s modern needs.

“Lesaffre has invested heavily in research and development to ensure that baked products are in line with the growing and evolving needs of the consumer. Two of our flagship products, the Saf-Instant and the Livendo 2in1 Rustic Sourdough, have been reengineered as per the current needs of the bakers. This we believe will play a critical role in helping bakers in the region to provide the market with better options as well as growing their businesses,” said Stéphan Béague, global brand and marketing content manager, Lesaffre International.

Show-stopper at Gulfood Manufacturing Expo

According to Béague, the 2019 Gulfood Manufacturing Expo presents an opportunity for Lesaffre to showcase market-disrupting innovations that do not only respond to bakers’ needs but also provides them with inspiring recipes that can grow their businesses.

This year, Lesaffre will be participating in the Gulfood Manufacturing 2019 expo alongside its sister company, Biospringer by Lesaffre, which specializes in Culinary Solutions based on yeast extract and derived ingredients from yeast. It will be presenting its new product, Springer® Mask 101, an innovation of natural origin and vegan-friendly, which allows manufacturers to improve nutritional profile without compromising taste. 

The Gulfood Manufacturing showpiece currently underway at the Dubai World Trade Centre, regional food processors and manufacturers are upbeat about the industry’s performance and growth, which are mainly driven by a ballooning appetite for healthier options, safer products and efficient food production processes.

According to Gulfood Manufacturing, emerging trends that have been instrumental in the growth of the industry include food safety, which accounts for 47 percent and the increased use of natural ingredients in food manufacturing, with 36 percent.

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Other notable trends include cost-cutting tech innovations with nine percent and sustainable food processing with eight percent.

Speaking to visitors at the Lesaffre stand while unveiling two of its revamped products – Saf-Instant and the 2in1 sourdough solution, Stéphan Béague, global brand and marketing content manager, Lesaffre International, noted that these trends, coupled with ever-evolving consumer preferences are largely expected to bolster the regional baked goods segment’s growth.

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“The local baked goods segment is experiencing a shift, which is driven primarily by emerging trends and widening consumer needs. As a key global player in the field of yeast and fermentation products, Lesaffre is constantly engaging with bakers to ensure that they get the right ingredients to produce healthier, safer and tastier baked food,” said Béague.

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New bakers’ facility

Lesaffre’s announcement of its upcoming ultra-modern baking facility and a new sales office in Dubai also got bakers in the region excited with a section of the visitors who thronged the yeast and fermentation expert’s stand terming it as a much-needed boost for the industry.

The new facility, which will train and equip professional bakers with modern skills, is set to be operational by early 2020. 

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“We are excited to be opening a one-of-a-kind baking center in the region. Having monitored the market for a while, it was clear that the baked goods segment needed a facility where professional bakers could acquire new skills to ensure that they are able to produce quality foods that meet the consumers’ demands,” said Béague.

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The Lesaffre baking center will be the 47th facility worldwide and is expected to train over 500 professionals per year with 300 of them being specially trained in Saf-instant and other key products. The facility will also train local sales teams of distributors.

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Making bakers’ life easier

And as competition in the baked goods segment intensifies, bakers in the region are optimistic that the newly introduced Saf-instant will now enable them to reinforce their product offering, which will also help them compete favourably in the highly-competitive market.

Introducing its wide array of innovations at the just concluded international food manufacturing and processing fair, Lesaffre’s new Saf-instant is now poised to make life easier for bakers in the region.

The newly revamped product is expected to provide yeasts of the highest quality, which according to Béague, will, in turn, enable the professionals to deal with the emerging challenges.

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