Lipault: Healing Refugee Children, One Book at a Time

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Lipault – a leading bag and luggage brand based in France – launched a new travel bag collection in Dubai focussed on a humanitarian cause. Designed in collaboration with Palestyle, a fashion label that works with refugee artisans for social and economic empowerment, the new product line will raise proceeds for community libraries in areas of Jordan with high concentration of displaced children. The Lipault brand is distributed in the GCC by the Qatar-based Abu Issa Holding, which operates a string of diverse and market-leading businesses.

Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa, Chairman of Abu Issa Holding, explained the significance of the launch at the Mosafer outlet in Dubai Mall: “We continuously endeavour to build socially conscious brands in the region. Extending Lipault’s heritage in enhancing the travel experience with stylish designs and durable bags, the new collection aims to provide travellers with an opportunity to contribute to the psychological and intellectual development of displaced people, especially children.”

The travel and luggage bags – designed by Palestyle’s pool of trained artisans -exhibit the cross-stitch technique to form uniquely embroidered patterns that symbolize prosperity, success, and strength in the face of odds. “The aesthetics of the new line – rightfully named ‘Prosperity Collection’ – is a story in itself,” says Mr. Ashraf.

“The intricate designs and vibrant colours are a reminder of the rich Arab heritage, and evokes optimism amongst the people of the region. Employing the design acumen of Palestyle members – refugee women themselves – also allows us to give back towards skill and community development. ”

By directing sales proceeds towards building community libraries, the brand aims to alleviate psychological distress amongst displaced children through Bibliotherapy – a healing technique that involves the reading of specific texts and collective reading. Plans also involve festive book distribution events and engaging storytelling sessions. Mr. Ashraf believes that the blend of participative fashion and books can be tapped for social impact: “By harnessing Bibliotherapy, we are attempting to rebuild the psychological and intellectual foundations of children through imagination, creativity, and exploration. Books have the power to help restore normalcy in tumultuous lives, and, even if momentarily, live in a different world that’s inspired by the author’s imagination.”

The new collection is part of joint efforts by Lipault and Abu Issa Holding to highlight social causes in the region, and address the same through collaborative solutions driven by organized partnerships between brands and organizations invested in building a stable environment. The embroidery-designed bags, intertwined with the planned community libraries, hope to nurture the region’s children and help turn a new chapter in their lives.

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