Trucks stuck in long queues at UAE-Saudi border

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uae saudi border
Photo - Jessamyn West

Reports coming from Saudi-UAE border suggest a total of 4,000 trucks are waiting in an 18km lineup to cross the Al Sila check point. Truck drivers have been waiting to be allowed to cross the border but with little luck so far.

Logistics officials estimated it is taking around three days to clear the two truck compounds on the UAE side. Sources said Saudis are taking over a day to process entry papers even if the driver’s paperwork was in order.

Snail’s pace 

Drivers stuck at the border post have blamed Saudi border officials for slowly processing the paperwork.

They complained that delays have become a regular feature since the last six weeks and worsened on Sunday night when the tailback stretched to at least 20km with some 4,000 trucks caught up in the mayhem.

Normal processing takes around 24 to 36 hours while delays in recent weeks have been as long as four days, causing hardship for truck drivers and forcing loads of fresh fruit and vegetables to perish.

Sole crossing

Truckers from the UAE cross into neighbouring Saudi Arabia through the only border post on the Gulf, a key trading link between the seven Emirates and its neighbours in the region.

An official at the UAE border crossing told Gulf News on Sunday night between 800 and 1,000 trucks normally cross the border each day but declined to give the number of trucks waiting in the 9km queue.

“Thank God there is a flow in their movement,” he said. “Things are OK. It’s 9km from Al Ghuwaifat. Two days earlier, it was 20km.”

Source: Gulf News

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