6 Fragrances. 6 Out of The World Stories

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6 Fragrances. 6 Out of The World Stories.

Three months ago, A friend of mine introduced me to the mind-boggling world of lush cosmetics. Now I was always under the notion that brand particularly catered to the needs of women as its not very often you hear a man go bonkers over a moisturizing cream or a freshly handmade face mask.

Holy cr** was I wrong.

My first experience with Lush comes at their three-story mega bonanza of a store on Oxford Street in London. Ever since then, I’ve become accustomed to their retail store culture of uber friendly human beings and products that smell so good you could probably eat them but shouldn’t. Don’t believe me? How about you walk into one of their stores and smell a ‘scrubee’ which FYI is my most favourite product of theirs.

Moving fast forward, you could imagine my excitement when Lush decided to have a few people over for the launch of their brand-new fragrances. Each of them with a very unique story to tell. The event was beautifully coordinated with performances by local artists to captivate the audience and take them on a journey like never before. Multiple zones were set up for each of the six perfumes in order to understand the beauty behind it.

Lush Cosmetics

Cardamom Coffee

On a trip to a refugee camp, Simon Constantine Head of Ethical Buying and Head Perfumer was shown great hospitality by the people he met. He was touched that although they had lost so much in fleeing their country, they could still be so generous and giving. During his visit he was offered a hot cup of cardamom coffee. The rich aroma warmed up his hands and heart. On returning to the lab he recreated this spicy fragrance.

Tank Battle

The deaths of Hal’s friends were taking a toll, so for a change of scene his friend Dylan decided to take him to LA. The two arrived at the bus station and were immediately approached by an eccentric looking man. Although they had never met, the man walked up to Hal and addressed him: “Hey you, I had a dream about you! You’re going to make a movie about me!”

The man’s name was, Tachowa and he took Dylan and Hal to visit his place. It was an abandoned water tank, which he had cleared out and turned into a home. He’d installed a floor, chairs, art and even hooked up a generator for power. The tank was filled with Tachowa’s artistic flourishes and personality. It was a beautiful hidden art gallery in an old tank. Hal and Dylan were intrigued and began filming Tachowa.

They spent three years with Tachowa; documenting his art, his philosophies and his life. But then, when the film was almost complete, Hal received a call…“Someone has painted on my tank…it was an English dude, said his name was Banksy!”

The words ‘THIS LOOKS A BIT LIKE AN ELEPHANT’ now adorned the tank, visible to everyone who drove past on the busy highway below. These words were to cost Tachowa his home. Images of the new Banksy piece were broadcast across the globe. A group of opportunists realised they could own a piece of original Banksy artwork and moved quickly to buy it. It was bought out from underneath him and he was rudely evicted.

Tank Battle fragrance pits a burst of spray paint against the musty and damp interior of a rusty water tank.


Tachowa embodies the spirit of “making something out of nothing”. Everything inside the home he had made inside the tank he called home, were found treasures or gifts. He used these gathered items to make his living space beautiful. He was ingenious at upcycling other people’s throwaways into art; cutting up surfboards to make shelves, using broken pieces of CD to design a mosaic that shone up on the ceiling. His home was an art piece before Banksy’s words made it so.

Amelie Mae

Simon Constantine Head of Ethical Buying and Head Perfumer’s oldest daughter Imogen Rose inspired the perfume that shares her name. Being a considerate big sister she advised her dad, “You better do one for Amelie. She wants to be famous too!” Amelie was delighted to be asked what she would like her very own perfume to smell of. She requested raspberry, roses, lavender and flowers. Dad is back in the good books now and we all get to enjoy this beautiful blend.

I’m Home

No matter how exciting adventures in far-flung corners of the globe may be, there is nothing like arriving home and putting the key into your own front door. Sweet, comforting and edible smells draw you into a welcome home hug. Almost as good as returning to cuddles from your family, your favourite spot on the sofa, and a sound night’s sleep tucked up in your own bed

What would love do?

When Hal Samples – photographer, documentarian, performance artist, and an all-round living piece of art visited the Lush Edinburgh Spa, he met spa therapist Janine. She shared a piece of wisdom with Hal, and later Simon, that they couldn’t quite shake from their heads: when confronted with a hard problem or question, you should simply ask yourself, “what would love do?” When wondering whether to stay up all night dancing or which essential oils to blend to create an exquisite new perfume, the decisions felt as easy as a breeze.

Lush cosmetics, A UK based brand was founded 22 years ago by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir. The brand takes pride in the fact that their products are 100% vegetarian taking a huge stand in their fight against animal testing. They also purchase raw materials only from sustainable sources to what they refer to as ethical buying.

Lush products are handmade using some of nature’s freshest ingredients. They’re also extremely considerate to the environment hence a majority of their products including this year’s festive collection come in ‘Naked packaging’ because over packaging is huge wastage of resources and the last thing you’d want is to pollute the planet.

Lush products can be purchased at any of their outlets in all the leading malls or you could just head over to their website  https://mena.lush.com/  See! Easy Peasy!

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