Majority of Internet users in Iraq have Facebook account

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News, Reality TV shows popular with Iraqis
TV shows in Arabic language widely watched, with Arab Idol the most popular show
77.9% of Internet users on social media

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A new comprehensive survey from the Arab Advisors Group probed the media consumption habits in Iraq. The survey provides insights into the broadcast and online media consumption habits in the country.

The survey was done on Iraqis above 18 years of age, probing media adoption and usage. The survey revealed that that news, reality shows and Arabic series are the most popular types of TV programs watched in the country. The survey also revealed that the vast majority of respondents who watch TV prefer to watch it in Arabic.

Respondents were randomly called through randomly generated numbers. The age group and governorate breakdown of the sample were pre-defined by the Arab Advisors Group according to the official demographics breakdown in Iraq. The survey results encompass answers from 741 respondents that passed rigorous quality control checks conducted by the Arab Advisors Group’s team. The survey yields a confidence level of 99% with a margin of error of less than 5%.

“The survey revealed that around 59% of respondents who watch satellite TV reported watching reality TV shows. Arab Idol was the most watched reality show, with a full half of Iraqi satellite TV viewers reporting watching it.” Ms. Danya Nusseir, Arab Advisors Research Manager, commented. “On the social media front, the survey also revealed high levels of adoption of social media in the country; with 77.9% of survey respondents who use the Internet reported having an account on one or more social media platform.” Ms. Nusseir added.

According to the Internet World Stats, which tracks worldwide Internet usage, Iraq has a little over 2 million Internet users (as of June 2012), with just 7.1% penetration.

The Arab Advisors Group divided the survey questionnaire into seven main sections as follows:

  • General information on respondents
  • TV watching habits
  • Pay TV
  • Radio listening habits
  • Internet usage
  • Online gaming
  • Gaming consoles
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