RIM CEO previews ‘make or break’ Blackberry 10 OS

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RIM blackberry 10
RIM CEO Heins holds up a prototype of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone at the Blackberry World event in Orlando. Photo - Reuters

Research In Motion (RIM) gave developers an overview of its next-generation BlackBerry 10 smartphone operating system on Tuesday and a set of software tools to develop flashy apps to run on its new software. But if initial response is anything to go by, investors are not that pleased and, as a result, RIM’s shares witnessed a drop.

At RIM’s yearly BlackBerry World conference, company CEO Thorsten Heins launched a prototype of the devices RIM is all set to launch later this year. He claimed that BlackBerry 10 devices will navigate with less keystrokes, bank heavily on swipe gestures and word suggestions when compared with its legacy smartphones.

“We wanted a user paradigm that is easy and fast,” said Heins, highlighting the fact that how details from documents, emails, calendars, and address books could slide in and out from the screen’s edges. It’s all about making things flow,” he explained.

According to experts, Heins’ presentation only served as a reminder of the tough road ahead for RIM.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based company is pretty much aware of the fact that consumers won’t purchase its new phones or tablets unless developers get excited regarding the platform and develop wide variety of apps to operate on it. A lack of apps for the legacy BlackBerry is one of the main factors due to which RIM suffered big market-share losses at the hands of Apple and other handset makers that use Google’s Android OS. In terms of statistics, shares of the BlackBerry maker have dipped more than 60% in a year.

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