Maldives Launches Video Competition to Boost Tourism

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To further boost tourism in the country, Maldives Tourism has launched a video competition “Adventures of Maldives” with a prize money US $6500. Here’s more details on the competition and how to win!

The Adventures of Maldives (Dhivehi Aahitha) is a video competition aimed to showcase the personal videos of locals and tourists engaging in  “Adventures of Maldives”.

The “Adventures of Maldives” consists of conventional adventure related activities in the Maldives such as scuba diving, island excursions, festivals, free diving, surfing, snorkeling, watersports, etc. and also as unconventional adventure related activities in the Maldives, the likes of which, is left up to your creativity and imagination for definition.


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As part of the marketing activities planned for this year, MMPRC in association with Six Senses
Laamu is proud to present the Adventures of Maldives (Dhivehi Aahitha).

The conventional and unconventional activities should be activities that can be undertaken or
learned to be undertaken by locals and tourists alike.

You can also choose to submit a mix of both conventional and unconventional adventure related
activities portrayed in a one minute or a less than one minute long video if you wish to do so.

The winner of the competition will receive USD 6500. The top 10 videos selected after judging will
also be featured on the official YouTube channel of MMPRC (Visit Maldives) and promoted on other social and online media channels of MMPRC (Visit Maldives) as well as International Travel and Trade Fairs.



Here’s more information regarding the competition below in terms of participation, eligibility
and other terms and conditions.

– To promote Maldives as an exciting Destination
– To offer an international platform to showcase creative and highly original personal videos
– To create a co-promotional platform between MMPRC and the general public

Minimum Age: 13 years
Participants of all nationalities and gender that meet the minimum age requirement can participate (Note: participation is for individuals only. You cannot participate as a company, brand, group, etc.).


I. Video submissions are limited to one video per entrant. The video title of the video that you submit should only include the name of the entrant and the ID Card No. /Passport No.

II. Only videos shot in Maldives from 1st January 2015 onwards can be submitted

III. Entrant must only use live action video footage they have shot themselves or of themselves (the video should include the entrant (doesn’t have to be throughout the video) and it can also include additional people) and submit as an individual only. Please note that if other people are featured in the video written consent should be obtained beforehand. You do not need to upload this document along with the online registration form or send this document to us, but it should be in your possession should a dispute arise. Please refer to section 10a, point (V) for more information regarding this.

IV. The videos should not contain any form of a watermark.

V. The video is not expected to be professionally produced but can be done using any technology (cameras, smartphones, etc.) and edited by the entrants themselves

VI. The videos can be produced in any language. However, if any other language other than English is utilized, subtitles in English should be provided in the video.

VII. The videos are allowed to be boosted (sponsored) through Facebook. However, it is strictly not allowed to purchase likes/views/shares, etc. for the videos. Please note that only nonmanipulated organic likes and views will be considered for judging purposes. Please refer to section 7 (winner select and judging criteria) and section 10 (terms and conditions) for more information.

VIII. The videos have to be submitted through the online portal. After filling of the online registration details form, a unique number for the entrant will be assigned and emailed to the entrant. This number will be added to the title of the video and re-uploaded; we will remove the ID Card No/Passport No. Please ensure to remember and save this number for future reference

The videos can be uploaded from the 12th of September 2017 till 1400 hours of the 12th of
October 2017

– 1 minute or less
– 700 MB or less

1080 HD (minimum)

A copy (scanned or photograph – front and back) of your National ID Card (for Maldivian) or the personal particulars page of the Passport (for Foreigners) has to be uploaded as a supporting document after filling of the online registration form through the following link:

The videos will be uploaded to the videos section of the official Facebook page of Visit Maldives and opened for voting from the 22nd of October 2017 till 1400 hours of the 5th of November 2017


I. The videos that have generated the most Facebook likes (organic/non-manipulated) and views (organic/non-manipulated) at the end of the voting period shall be sent for review by a judging panel and the panel will then select the winning video.

II. The judging panel will judge the videos based on the creativity, originality and marketability of the video. The judging panel will have the authority to access and review the relevant analytics to check for manipulation.

III. Judging Criteria:
Creativity: 50 marks
Originality: 25 marks
Marketability: 25 marks

IV. Judges:
a) Visha Mahir
b) Nausheyn Zubair (Fa’thu)
c) Mohamed Munthasir (Munco)


I. A total of USD 6500 will be awarded to the winning video
II. The winner will be contacted by telephone and email to arrange particulars regarding the awarding of the prize money
III. If the entrant is unable to collect the prize money by themselves, they may issue a signed authorization letter to collect the prize money on behalf on the entrant. In this case, MMPRC may still contact the winner to verify the authorization letter.

a) General
I. Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of the terms and conditions.
II. MMPRC shall not be responsible for IT failures, entries lost, damaged or delayed and proof of transmission, posting or sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt.
III. MMPRC reserves the right to check the validity of entries and proof of identity in addition to the required scanned National ID Card (for locals) or Passport (for foreigners) copy/photograph may in some cases be requested from the entrant.
IV. By submitting your Videos to MMPRC, the entrant irrevocably grants MMPRC, a worldwide non-exclusive, royalty free license to: download, copy, reproduce, adapt, translate, alter, rearrange, edit, cut, dub or subtitle in any language, and add to or delete from your Video.
V. If the video features any other person, other than the entrant, written consent shall be obtained from all such persons. Any and all disputes related to such an issue shall be borne solely by the entrant. MMPRC will not offer assistance or be part of the dispute resolution process.

(For full terms and conditions and further information, please refer to MMPRC website)

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