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Lavanya is our business analyst and sub-Editor. She has been associated with media brands such as The Economist Group (Intelligence Unit), Al Jazeera, Asian News International-Reuters Television and Media TransAsia. Her research areas cover business environment, finance, socio-economic issues and technology news. She is currently working on her book that revolves around human attitudes. If you find her sans her journalist hat, she is out discovering the world. Her passion for photography & travel is reflected in her venture Nature Lounge.

Dr. N. Janardhan

Dr. N. Janardhan is a UAE-based political analyst. He is the former editor of  ‘Gulf in the Media’ and programme manager of Gulf-Asia Relations, Gulf Research Centre, Dubai. His research areas include political systems, international relations, media and labour in the Gulf region, which are reflected in nearly 500 analytical articles and chapters published in various international newspapers and academic publications. Dr. Janardhan was also associated with The Asian Age (India), The Gulf Today (UAE) and Inter Press Service (Asia-Pacific). His book, “Boom Amid Gloom: The Spirit of Possibility in the 21st Century Gulf” (Ithaca, UK) was released in June 2011.

Hafsa Qadeer writes about top digital trends, covers the latest events in UAE and loves to reveal local hidden gems. Originally from Pakistan, she moved to the UAE in 2013 to achieve her ambitions. In 2017, Hafsa graduated from Middlesex University Dubai with a First-Class Hons. in International Business. Currently, she is building her career in UAE’s thriving PR, Events, and Marketing industry. Through her writing, she aims to spark up healthy conversations among Arabian Gazette’s readers and regularly interviews leading entrepreneurs that inspire youth like herself.

Connect with her on Twitter @thehafsatravels.

John Brian Shannon
John Brian Shannon

John Brian Shannon serves on the Editorial Board at Arabian Gazette. John contributes articles to the United Nations Development Program, other NGO’s and to several websites around the world. He has three main blogs where he writes about renewable energy, sustainable development and economics. Visit: johnbrianshannon.com “It is important to assist all levels of government and the business community to find sustainable ways forward for industry and consumers.”


doctor husna mohammad
Dr. Husna Mohammad

Dr. Husna Mohammad is a Cochin based writer and entrepreneur. She is a Dentist by qualification, but her love for the written word lured her into the world of journalism and creative writing. Her areas of interest range from topics such as politics, art & literature, economy & human rights. She is currently a content writer and social media consultant & the co-founder of a travel & culture portal The Silk Route Co – http://thesilkroute.co/. She is also a guest feature writer and associate editor for Arabian Gazette.


M.MoussalliMohammad S. Moussalli is a renowned Lebanese writer. He has a reputable journalistic record with well-known regional English newspapers, magazines and web gazettes. He holds a long list of esteemed published Op-Eds and online articles, mostly centered on civil liberties, human rights, socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues.  Mr. Moussalli is a corporate consultant and former managing director with years of top executive experience in the Middle East and Gulf region. He devises reorganization plans and restructuring schemes, provides advice on business planning, administration, operations, pay and benefit scales, and other business issues. He also has extensive professional experience in the commercial aviation sector and airline business. Mr. Moussalli blogs at http://middleeasttribune.wordpress.com


Zain Naeem
Zain Naeem

Zain Naeem has a Bachelor’s degree from the Lahore School of Economics and a Master’s degree from the University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus. Currently working as the Head of Equity Research in a Lahore-based securities company, he has extensive experience writing and commenting on finance and markets and presenting it to various audiences in different forums.

His main interest is writing on politics, business and finance and observing how the three intermingle with each other.



Usman Khokhar
Usman Khokhar

Usman Naeem Khokhar is a Pakistani technophile who was brought up and educated in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Egypt. He has worked in social media for over 3 years and is involved in researching trans-media solutions and blending them with social media and journalism. Usman has a BA degree in broadcast journalism from American University in Cairo. He likes to write about technology, photographic exhibitions and live events. He is also an avid fencing and badminton player.


rahma rachdi
Rahma Rachdi

Rahma Rachdi is a journalist who specialises in politics, economy and finance. She is of French-Moroccan origin with Indian roots. Ms. Rachdi has written articles and features on topics as varied as the portraits of success stories and cultural events in cinema and fashion. She hosts a weekly programme about cinema on a French radio. Rahma is also attached to the European News Agency (Member of Experts for Europe) and works under contract for the European Union in three languages which are English, French, Arabic on institutional films. Rahma majored in economics and finance following a trail of financial consultancy at Deloitte & Touche (UK). She also multiplied missions in advertising and marketing at Havas and Publicis. The French-Moroccan journalist holds a PhD in Science (Microbiology-Human Nutrition obtained in 1997, at the University of Montpellier), a Master of International Trade (obtained in 1993 at Le Mans CESI) and an MBA (awarded in 1999 at Birmingham University) with distinction. She also created a concept of cartoons on finance, to explain the economics and finance in an easy and funny way. Please visit her website www.fun-finance.com. Rahma is passionate about horses, car rallies and scuba diving.


Moign Khawaja

Moign Khawaja is a Kuwaiti-born journalist, writer, wordsmith and entrepreneur. He has a masters degree in journalism from the University of Lincoln. He also has a masters degree in international relations. Moign Khawaja has written extensively on current affairs, politics, world conflicts, women’s rights, society and festivals. His in-depth features, photo essays, articles, analysis and commentaries have been published on Express Tribune, Foreign Policy Journal, Demockracy.org, Pulse Media, Bridges TV, Archetype in Action, Crisis Balochistan, and many other websites. Check out his portfolio on his personal website http://outernationalist.net.

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