Meet Sony RX0: GoPro’s Worthy Contender for the ‘Hero’ series

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Review of Sony RX0 – The ultra compact body Sony RX0 action camera is packed with advanced technology and features. Read more to know about the pluses and minuses of the action camera, and how it compares with its counterparts – and if you should buy it.

In world dominated by the likes of brands such as GoPro, Yi, Garmin, TomTom and many more, enter a brand with such a diverse product portfolio that includes a slew line of action cameras. Sony is the last brand you’d think of in this particular industry, to come up with a product so unique, so vast, and so versatile that it gives all these brands a run for their money.

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Picking up the Sony RX0 for the first time, one can tell this is no ordinary action cam. It is a premium looking well-crafted piece of art meant for professional videographers who’d want to take things to the next level. However you can’t judge a book by its cover so let’s dive straight into our review of the Sony RX0 action camera.

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Top Features

  • 1.5 inch Screen (Not touch sensitive)
  • Exmor RS CMOS 1.0inch sensor
  • BIONZ X® processor and a wide-angle ZEISS® Tessar T* 24mm F4 fixed lens
  • 15.3 Megapixels effective (21.0 Megapixels on Paper)
  • Anti-Distortion Shutter of up to 1/32000 second and can shoot at up to 16fps
  • IPX8 Water Proof
  • Shock Proof unto 2.0m/6.5ft
  • Crushproof (Can Withstand up to 200 kgs of pressure)
  • Up to 1000fps slow motion video recording
  • Waterproof down to 10m without any additional housing
  • Built in Mic Port
  • S-Log 2 Picture Profile


  • Controls seem far more professional than the GoPro Hero 6
  • Ability to interlink multiple Rx0s for multi-camera shooting
  • Rugged structure making it more resistant to drops and pressure
  • That huge one inch sensor making it great for low light footage
  • No Fisheye look
  • Zebra striping which shows you areas where the image is overexposed
  • Support for a plethora of external accessories


  • No 4K Video recording unless you connect it to an external recorder via MicroHDMI
  • Doesn’t have optical or electronic image stabilization
  • No GPS
  • Accessories are ridiculously expensive
  • User interface has a bit of a learning curve
  • More expensive than its counterparts
  • A bit tricky to get everything in focus due to narrower depth of field and large aperture
  • Battery life is a bit of a downer with Sony claiming 35 minutes on and off recording and 60 minutes of continuous capture
  • No Autozoom
  • PlayMemories App works extremely dicey on Android 8.0 devices

Early Impressions

Let me make it very clear to you. This is a very sophisticated piece of equipment. It definitely isn’t like your regular action camera which more or less can be justified as a compact point and shoot. You see, this is where the Sony RX0 really stands out. Sony decided to pack so many features into this tiny device that a lot of the footage comes out with cinema grade quality. One also needs to understand, if you’re going to make a big investment on a device like this, you need to make use of all the functions the device offers to realize its true potential.

So what makes the Sony RX0 really stand out?

Every device I’ve ever reviewed till date, the first thing I’d like to focus on is the unique aspects of it. What makes it different? Or is it just like any other ordinary product out there? Why would I buy this? Hence welcome to the positive notes on the RX0 because that large 1 inch sensor is no joke.

For those of you who need to know why it’s a big deal, the reason is actually quite simple. Larger the sensor, better the camera’s performance in low light. The camera is also capable of capturing footage up to 1000fps! Note however, this is restricted to bursts of about a second. There are other slow motion recording modes but again of very limited duration. Sony has also incorporated a lot of intelligent modes for both still and movies as well as a complete manual mode with different color profiles. This makes it easier for the footage to be color graded.

Quality of Footage

Given that large sensor, even a complete noob would be able to distinguish Sony RX0’s superior picture quality over other action cameras. Definitely better than a GoPro in case you’re wondering. Low light performance is decent with subtle degree of noise but nothing out of the ordinary nor anywhere as disastrous as the Hero6 which is downright horrible. Now given the lack of OIS and EIS, videos recorded will seem shaky for sure but if you’re good with any professional video editing software, this can be fixed to a certain extent.

Is this really for me? 

Well that depends on the kind of user you are. If you’re the kind of user who just simply points and shoot, you’re better off with some cheaper alternative like the Yi series or the new GoPro Hero that just came out. If you are professional filmmaker who makes optimum use of raw cinematic footage for post-production editing and what not, the Sony RX0 won’t let you down. Sure it can’t record 4K videos but its compatibility with external accessories such a mic opens up a lot of opportunities you can’t achieve on a regular point and shot.


Disclosure: Arabian Gazette did not receive monetary compensation or receive product in exchange for this post review. All opinions on this product are my own and may differ from our readers’ opinions.

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