MEF Middle East Surveys show strong mobile growth in Middle East region

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MEF Middle East Survey
MEF Middle East Surveys show strong mobile growth in Middle East region

88 per cent of the world’s mobile media users now engage in mobile content & commerce with Qatari consumers adopting this trend

–         13 per cent growth in Qatar up from 73 per cent in 2011 to 86 per cent in 2012

–         Significant increases in consumers conducting mobile banking and pre-purchase research via their mobile device

–         Three quarters of Middle East Content & Commerce businesses are very optimistic, up from 43 per cent in 2011

–         35 per cent of businesses in the region expect further growth over the next six months

Doha and London, 12th December 2012 – MEF Middle East’s Office, co-founded by the Qtel Group today published its third Middle East Mobile Content & Commerce Survey, carried out in partnership with KPMG. It found that overall the level of confidence in growth in the region remains bullish, and is growing.

The study offers a unique timeline of business confidence in mobile content and commerce activities in the region. The market appears to be growing ahead of expectations with almost a half of respondents saying their company had grown, while just one in ten had contracted during the third quarter of 2012.  90% of respondents were optimistic about growth with notable increases in both mobile social networks (33 per cent) and mobile games (10 per cent) segments.

The study highlighted industry concerns around consumer trust and awareness as the greatest barriers to market growth as well as voicing concerns over whether third party OTT providers will be able to successfully deliver services to end users in the region.

The results of the third ME Survey reflect the findings of the global trade association’s annual Global Consumer Survey released last month. Carried out in partnership with On Device Research it reveals the behaviour of mobile media users from across the world, giving unprecedented data and intelligence into mobile engagement and purchasing habits.

The 10-country study reveals that nearly nine in ten (88 per cent) of the world’s mobile media users now engage in mobile content and commerce (up from 82 per cent in 2011).

At 13% growth the Qatar market is leading the global trend that growth markets are driving overall global increases in mobile content and commerce. In the Qatar market, the study found strong growth across all activities with 76 per cent of mobile media users in engaging with the mobile channel to research products or services, 66 per cent having purchased digital or physical goods in the last six months and 62 per cent using mobile banking services.

Paul Salmon, Chief Technology Officer, Qtel Group, said: “Today, more than 90 per cent of the world’s population lives within reach of a mobile phone network and has access to Internet services. This study demonstrates the extent to which this incredible growth is changing consumer behaviour and enriching people’s lives. Companies across the Qtel Group are working to deliver the best possible network to provide customers with the peace of mind they require to engage new opportunities via mobile Internet.”

Andrew Bud, Global Chair MEF said: “MEF’s 2012 report shows how far mobile has come as a channel for both consumer engagement and entertainment. Across the world, mobile content and commerce is increasingly the most convenient way to discover, to choose and to buy. The data has profound implications for brands, retailers and financial institutions, as well as the content and entertainment industry. We cannot be complacent: both studies reveal that trust is still a significant barrier for consumers and the industry must collaboratively address that to sustain growth.”

To download a free copy of the Executive Summary of the Global Consumer Survey visit:

The findings of the third Middle East Survey are available for MEF members only. An executive summary of the report is available at

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