MENA Cloud adoption challenges remain

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Companies realize benefits of Cloud computing but barriers remain in wider deployment

MENA Cloud COMPUTING SOLUTIONS challenges remain
Despite companies realizing benefits of Cloud computing, Cloud adoption challenges remain a challenge in the MENA region.

Despite a reportedly growing appetite for cloud technology, the UAE – as well as the rest of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region – continues to face challenges in the widespread deployment of the public cloud model, according to a senior executive based at the Dubai offices of Continuity & Solutions (ConSol*) Software, an established German-based global IT solutions and software development company.

“Countries across the region are relatively young yet important markets in terms of cloud computing adoption. Confidence in this technology has undoubtedly made significant strides over the past five years, but on-going concerns over third-party cloud service providers and overall data security at the end-user level remain a stumbling block to public cloud adoption,” said Dietrich Kanz, Managing Director of ConSol MENA.

Cloud computing expenditure in the UAE is expected to post double-digit growth in the next three years as companies realise the benefits that cloud provide in simplifying IT services. Governments also appreciate the role cloud plays in streamlining IT delivery systems to the public.

“In recent years, the focus has been on promoting and ensuring data security as more and more companies turn to the cloud for their data outsourcing needs. However, demand for public cloud in the UAE and the rest of MENA remains stifled. This is the reason why there has been a delay in launching MENA-specific cloud offerings from major vendors such as Microsoft, SAP and the likes,” said Mr Kanz.

In order to support their regional clients’ companies also offer on-premise and hybrid modes in addition to their cloud solutions offering,  apart from supporting Arabic language to make their solutions proposition attractive to their customers.



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