MENA, India and Pakistan obsessed with looking young – new survey shows

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Middle East and North Africa (MENA), India and Pakistan obsessed with looking young – new survey shows

MENA, India and Pakistan obsessed with looking young

Highlights of the survey:

– For an overwhelming majority (75%), ‘looking young’ means being active and energetic
– Most favor a natural approach to stay young
– Aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgery least preferred options

70% of residents in MENA, India and Pakistan consider looking young to be ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ important, results from a survey show (men 69% and women 75%).

The YouGov study, conducted amongst 855 respondents to understand perceptions of youthfulness, aging and the steps people take to stay looking young, reveals residents in India and Pakistan (76%) and the GCC (74%) are the most preoccupied with looking young (North Africa (68%), the Levant (63%)).

For the majority of respondents, when considering what ‘looking young’ means, being active and energetic springs to mind the most (75%), followed by being fit and strong (50%) and feeling youthful (37%) – all three were equally represented by men and women.

When asked about which measures they take to stay young, most favor a natural approach, with the greatest proportion claiming eating healthily helps (65%). This is more prevalent amongst women (73% v 62% of men). Staying positive is the next most popular method (54%), followed by regular exercise (50%) – favored more by men (52% v 47% of women).

Interestingly, aesthetic procedures (such as Botox, fillers) and cosmetic surgery are the least preferred options amongst respondents (3% and 2% respectively) and equally unpopular amongst men and women.

Skincare and fitness regimes

Indeed, results suggest respondents prefer to steer clear of artificial methods when it comes to achieving younger-looking skin, with drinking lots of water and eating healthily the most popular tactics (both 61%). Whilst 43% of respondents favor washing their face with soap or face wash, just 11% use anti-aging creams. Botox and other skin procedures emerged again as the least popular options (1%).

Fitness regimes also play an important role in the quest to ‘stay young’, with half of respondents (51%) claiming they do regular cardio exercises such as running, jogging or dancing – equally favored by half of men and women. 34% also believe in dieting (more popular amongst women (41% v 31% of men), while 33% go to the gym.

Cosmetic surgeries and procedures

Two-thirds (67%) of respondents claim they are against cosmetic surgery. Men expressed this the most (71% v 56% of women). Nevertheless, despite being the least popular skin care method, 23% of respondents believe aesthetic and over-the-counter procedures are acceptable and do help people to look younger – expressed the most amongst women (35% v 18% of men).

Image credit-Thanh Tran/Flickr

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