MENA Internet users [Infographic]

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A recent study by Smart Touch Advertising and Promotions, on MENA internet user demographics reveals that by the year 2016, the region will have 72 million internet users. From 2013 to 2015, there will be an internet penetration of up to 150 million users.

Across the Middle East, internet users spend at an average of more than 2 hours online every day, which includes 100 million Google searches.



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Within the Middle East, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the highest numbers of users engaged in social gaming. By the year 2016, there will be 25 million handheld devices across the MENA region, and within KSA the smartphone penetration will increase by 48.63 percent. Further, by 2016, the KSA will be the leading 4G market within the Middle East.

By the year 2016, Arabic will be the 4th most used language on the internet, representing a growth rate of 2500 percent.

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