Microsoft India retail website hacked by suspected Chinese hackers

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microsoft india hacked
?The Microsoft Store India is currently unavailable. Microsoft is working to restore access as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.? EvilShadow?s 7z1&Ancker, who seems to hail from China, has claimed responsibility indirectly due to the small flag and blog links on the hacked page.

Cyber warfare against India reached a new high when Bangladeshi Hackers brought down over 20,000 websites coupled by Chinese hackers who hacked and defaced Microsoft’s India website.

Chinese group called Evil Shadow Team has accepted the responsibility of hacking the Microsoft India website The intruders also leaked usernames and passwords of Microsoft users who shop online on the company’s website. Surprisingly, the attack also revealed that Microsoft saved their users’?credit card details in a plain text file without any security or data encryption, making it a piece of cake for hackers to collect and leak the data.

The website showed an error message promising to restore it as quickly as possible.

According to ?Evil Shadow Team, hacked and left a deface message on the Microsoft website saying “unsafe system will be baptised”.?However, Microsoft took the website offline and urged users to change their passwords.

Last year it was Lulzsec that knocked down Sony’s website. Another notorious hacker, Anonymous, hacked into the FBI, WhiteHouse and CIA website, teaching security experts a lesson they will not forget easily. However, it seems like Microsoft did not learn any lesson from the previous hacks.

Few months ago Microsoft bought Skype in $8.5 billion in cash and promised users for providing them best security and service but after today’s Microsoft India hacking and data leak, security concerns over Microsoft online service are growing.

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