Microsoft’s ‘Make Your Wish’ Initiative Transform AI Ideas into Reality 

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Got Ideas? Microsoft’s ‘Make Your Wish’ initiative can transform Artificial Intelligence (AI) ideas into reality 

Microsoft today launched the ‘Make your Wish’ campaign across the Middle East. The initiative calls on individuals and organisations of all sizes in the region to share their ideas about the incredible possibilities with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how they can change the world.

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‘Make Your Wish’ will act as a platform to bring ideas and imaginations together from bright minds on implementing Artificial Intelligence and how it could help improve lives – and empower people and organizations to achieve more. By simply making a wish, people with ideas that can be enabled through AI technology can stand a real opportunity to not only be heard, but to bring real world impact.

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Whether a spontaneous idea or an imagination powered by AI – with just a few steps individuals can submit their request, which if selected will appear on the Wish List . After that, colleagues, friends and family can support you with a vote. In the first quarter of 2019, a panel of Wish Fulfillers will review all the submissions to choose a selection of wishes to make come true – and drive real implementation.

It’s time to change the world. Together, let us shape the future with your ideas and Microsoft AI. Make Your Wish here.

Dream Wish Gallery

We checked the wish list and quite like these ideas people have suggested to make it a reality.

AI Judge

An AI Lawyer or Judge that learns to take decisions on crucial cases without any influence from anyone.

Waste Management

AI integrated with robotics to separate different types of waste for efficient waste management & recycling.

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