Middle East and Africa Lead in IT Infrastructure Spending: More Revealing Gartner Trends

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Middle East & Africa IT Infrastructure Spending will Reach $3.5 Billion in 2014

Middle East IT spend
Middle East & Africa IT Infrastructure Spending will Reach $3.5 Billion in 2014

Towards the end of the 20th century – the 1900’s so to speak – there emerged this new fad to call the new millennium as ‘Y2K.’ It was a technological reference that eluded many except for those involved directly with the then-revolutionising way of the global IT panorama.

Today, there isn’t much spoken about ‘Y2K’ – it’s as if the terminology has been encapsulated well in the past. But the global IT picture continues to get revolutionised – more and more – with each passing day, making it a field that’s highly lucrative even if one is a layman.

But for those closely involved in the profession, there are several events that take place throughout the course of the year, marking various milestones set within the stream and the developments and trends that promise to shape it further.

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More recently, Gartner, a world-renowned IT research company, is scheduled to conduct a global conference on the IT industry in Dubai from the 1st of April to the 3rd. The conference will feature Guy Kawasaki – Managing Director of the leading IT corporate Garage Technology Ventures – as the keynote speaker along with conference sessions by various leading members of Gartner.

Though the conference is mainly being conducted to delve into the way the IT field has grown and widened in the past year across the world, focus however remains on the Middle-east and Africa as far emergent trends in the field are concerned.

Per a survey carried out by Gartner, it has been highlighted that Middle-east and Africa are two regions in the world where IT infrastructure-related outlay is expected to the highest. The comparison of outlay figures in the Information Technology infrastructure in the region between 2013 and 2014 indicate several noteworthy ups that enumerate the wave of positive vibes that has been building up there as far as the IT industry is concerned.

These highlights can be further elaborated as such:

  • In totality, the Middle-east and African regional sector is expected to increase its IT infrastructure spending by over four percent in 2014 as compared to 2013
  • In terms of core monetary figures, this translates to an expected increase in spending of about US$ 3.47 million
  • These increases are specifically divided into four broader spending categorisations viz. server, LAN, WAN and data storage facilities

More accentuated presences of MNCs centring on investing in the IT sector in the region alongside prevalent efforts to modernise the various contemporary infrastructural facilities are additional reasons why infrastructural spending has been augmented in the region. The mindset amongst CIOs (Chief Information Officers) that Middle-eastern and African countries could be the future of the global IT sector has also paved the way for this region’s enhanced infrastructural spending.

And though there are several aspects that still continue to pose problems like the aspect of security issues that threaten to derail IT-related operations in the region, it is expected that these problematic issues will be resolved with better integrated results towards IT enrichment. Enrichment that, in turn is sure to bring about more emphasis on the relevance of the IT domain more globally.


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