Middle East Airlines Bullish on Growth

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Middle East airlines are confident of making profit irrespective of the unrest in Bahrain, Yemen and Syria. According to data from IATA, airlines are likely to make broader growth in the coming months. This is generally reflected by other international airlines as well. The performance in general reflects the confidence in the region’s long-haul operations.

Middle East?region serves as a?hub to a number of international services. The region is a link between Asia and the West. Demand for international flights increased by 16.5 percent as compared to the previous year. The region also benefitted from the closure of European airspace following volcanic ash crisis.

North African carriers were affected by the turmoils in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. The number of flights moving to and fro from Egypt and Tunisia has come down by about a quarter compared to last year. In the international arena, however, the African carriers still reported a?growth of 1.2 percent.

On the other hand, Latin American carriers reported a 25.9 percent growth. According to?IATA report, Latin American carriers have benefitted from the strong demand for commodities and a dynamic growth of trading within the region. In a similar line, North American carriers also reported strong demand in international markets as indicated by a growth of 11.9 percent, while the domestic demand grew by 1.2 percent. Domestic demand was visible in Bric nations. China and Brazil have also witnessed a growth in demand in the recent years.

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