Middle East Business Review – 13 Mar

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UAE oil reserves to drop by 5.8bn barrels in next 4 years

Increased production is set to bring decline to the UAE’s proven oil and gas reserves over the next few years, a recent report revealed. Click here to read more.

Emirates’ executive warns European carriers of further losses

An Emirates airlines executive warned European airlines to get their act together or continue to lose more business due to their political negligence. Click here to read more.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi most competitive Middle Eastern cities: Economist

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has rated Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the most competitive cities in the Middle East. Click here to read in detail. Click here to read in detail.

US asks Saudis to raise oil output amid Obama approval ratings hit

The Obama administration is pressing Saudi Arabia to boost its oil output in order to fill a supply gap arising from economic sanctions on Iran. Click here to read more…

Bahrain suggests $100 per barrel as ‘reasonable’ global oil price

States are investing heavily into the energy sector as time of easy drilling is long gone. Therefore, a fair and reasonable price for the crude would be $100 per barrel. Click here to read more…

IOC hopes Saudi female athletes’ participation in 2012 Olympics

IOC President Jacques Rogge expressed his optimism that Saudi Arabia will send female athletes to the Olympics for the first time at this summer’s London Games. Click here to read in detail.

(By Moign Khawaja – Editor: Arabian Gazette)

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