Middle East Business Review – 15 Mar

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Dubai Maintains Position as Middle East’s Automotive Hub

Dubai continues to maintain its position as the Middle East’s automotive hub, following the extremely successful Commercial Vehicles Middle East (CVME) exhibition this month. Click here to read in detail.

Water guzzling GCC nations warned over future shortages

The Gulf countries produce around 40% of world’s oil but lack water resources to quench the thirst of their population. Click here to read more.

IMF praises UAE economic outlook; Cautions on public spending

UAE appears to be on the path of economic recovery, supported by increase in oil production, trade, tourism and manufacturing, amid continued oversupply in the real estate sector, an International Monetary Fund delegation said in a statement. Click here to read more.

Experts praise UAE’s civilian nuclear energy programme

According to industry expert, the UAE’s nuclear programme is of “gold standard” which other countries should adopt in their quest for nuclear energy. Click here to read more.

Qatar in a fix over alcohol sales during 2022 FIFA World Cup

Reports coming from Qatari capital said country’s football authorities are still pondering whether to allow alcohol in stadiums in line with FIFA’s mandatory laws while hosting the 2022 World Cup. Click here to read more.

Tripoli stock exchange opens trading floor in post-Gaddafi Libya

Libya’s stock market opened on Thursday, the first day of trading since the fall of Moammer Gaddafi in August last year, with a turnover of less than $10,000. Click here to read in detail.

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