Glories and Glooms of Middle East Car Wash Industry

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The Middle East automotive market is expected to grow twice as fast as North American and Western European markets by 2022.


The rising number of vehicles in the Middle East makes the area a growing market for the car care industry.  Growth means an increased need for car wash and maintenance products and services to meet the demand. In the UAE, cars are king and in the dusty desert, the car-washing industry is a lucrative one. The Middle East remains one of the fastest growing services market for automobiles with 60% more cars expected to ply in the region by 2020.

Some of the latest trends are emerging in car wash industry. These budding trends are discussed by Mohammad Al Samhouri, Director- Business Development and Operations, of the Auto Millennium Group. He shares, “With extremely hot and dry weather here, specialized services like Llumar quality window tinting that can prevent interiors from heat are highly demanded. Our latest and premium product is iFreeze, the special edition window tinting film by Llumar which has a heat rejection by up to 95%. Llumar Window tinting is vital as it not only protects your car’s interior from destructive ultraviolet rays, which can cause fading and deterioration but also helps to protect your beloved ones as it reduces the risk of skin cancer.

He further added, “Another important and new product is Llumar’s self-healing paint protection film that protects the paint of your car from scratches and other seasonal factors with an extreme shine at all times. Moreover, Diamondbrite, as a protection for exterior and interior is crucial in the region and in high demand to keep cars in a showroom shine, where you don’t need to polish your car again for a period of three years”.

On this Al Samhouri, “The Middle East car wash industry is different as compared to global markets in many ways. First of all, the climate plays a huge role in the car wash industry since the region’s specific weather conditions require specialized handle and care. Especially, with the extremely hot weather and sandy road conditions, adapted car care products are essential. Moreover, people in the middle east tend to take very good care of their cars- it is normal to maintain and wash it on a daily basis and take care of it is brand new. Most customers want to use only the best and newest products regardless of the price”.

“The car wash market in the Middle East is considered one of the biggest in the world due to the amount of car sold and weather conditions in this region that require special car care. With us being the biggest auto dealer supplier of car care products and workshop supplies in the UAE, we see big potential in this competitive market where there is many companies trying to compete with new products at all times”, opines Al Samhouri.

It was warned to the residents in earlier years not to wash their cars in public places and offenders will face fine. It is forbidden because it wastes water, attracts insects and damage roads and pavements. However, innovative technological alternatives are emerging, in order to meet the high cost of traditional car wash technology and also to conserve water. Automatic washing techniques have the potential to save significant amounts of water.

However, there are always gloom and glories in this industry and challenges are inevitable. “One of the biggest challenges is to find the right products which match the weathering conditions of the region. Moreover, in this highly competitive market, it is important to stand out from the competition. In order to tackle these challenges we are continuously investing in testing, innovation, and new products”, concludes Al Samhouri.

Environmental protection is an increasingly vital feature of corporate compliance and commercial licensing, both in Dubai and the UAE more widely. It is therefore recommended that any construction enterprise or business entity operating in the region should be aware of the various environmental laws and regulations. Amidst hue and cry for the better environment norms, UAE has hardened its instance on environment pollution and the draft law which amends the Federal Environmental Law will crack down on the environmental crimes. If reports are to be believed, violators of air quality regulation and drinking water may face fines up to AED 1 million and AED 2 million respectively in addition to imprisonment.

In order to raise more awareness about car care and washings industry, a Car Care Expo is scheduled for next month. This year Car Care Expo is set to take place 13-15 November 2016 at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, UAE. The event is totally dedicated to the car washing industry. This year’s event has 30 exhibitors, the 2016 edition is expected to grow and will bring together under one roof leading car care and car wash owners, operators, equipment, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of equipment and accessories from the regional and international markets. The demand for car wash and car care services in the region is bound to increase alongside this growth.

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