Middle East Digital Ad spend [Infographic]

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A woman surfing the Internet in Jordan. Photo - thenextweb.com
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Digital advertising spending the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is growing at a staggering rate of 37% each year.

Currently, estimated at 10 percent of the total global Ad spend, the Middle East’s spend is expected to reach USD 1 Billion by 2017. Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz) in their recent GCC Media report has said that GCC advertising revenues hit $4.8bn in 2012.

The growth in mobile phones have also helped expand its share of worldwide digital ad spend. Middle East’s mobile internet ad spend share would hit 8.9 percent of the total global spend by 2017, according to eMarketer research.

Meanwhile, Deloitte in their TMT prediction said that the global digital ad spend exceeded $100 billion in 2012. However, the total digital advertising spend in the Arab region in 2011 was only USD 175 million. Deloitte predicts that digital ad spend will grow at a CAGR of 35 percent in the region over the period from 2011 to 2015 reaching approximately 10 percent of the total advertising spend by 2015.

The folks at Go-Gulf.com have come up with a new infographic, Digital Ad Spending In The Middle East for the latest statistics and trends pertaining to the online advertising industry in the Arab world.

Middle East Digital Ad spend Infographic
Middle East Digital Ad spend Infographic. Go-Gulf.com
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